Friday, December 12, 2014

Tis the Season for Homespun Traditions

start a new tradition for christmas hanukkah
Tis The Season For Homespun Traditions Design© Judith Gorgone

Make a new tradition this year!

The holiday season is a time for sharing with friends and family near and far.  Why not start a new old fashioned tradition this year that will last a lifetime. Use one of these simple ideas that scream "Home Made Holiday Spirit"!
Send a holiday letter instead of a card or with your card:
Everyone loves mail and it is a great way to update family and friends! Photocopy or print the “year in revue” and use clip art, photos, or drawings to enhance it. As the kids grow, let them have a hand in it! 
Have a pot luck get together:
Invite friends for a "pot luck", or open house event.  Everyone can cook a specialty. Sampling others cooking can be a tasty change! The hostesses will have more fun to enjoy the event, too.
Give a gift of a gift:
Have everyone bring a wrapped generic gift. Donate the gifts to a children's charity, homeless shelter, or nursing home. A great way to share what we all have, set good examples for the kids, all while having fun, too!
Fill a bag with kindness:
Have each household of your extended family purchase a certain amount of small toiletries, kleenex, writing implements, note paper and other useful items.  Have the kids fill small gifts bags with the items.  Then schedule a family trip to a children’s hospital, homeless shelter or nursing home and drop the much needed and appreciated gifts to the residents.
Have a talent show:
During the family holiday get together, schedule a family talent event for young and old.  Encourage each person in the family demonstrate their unique talent.  Be it singing, a cooking lesson, calligraphy or the hoola hoop. The possibilities are endless and you may learn something about an aunt, cousin or grandparent you did not know! 
Have a holiday decorating or cooking party:
Invite family or friends to make decorations together, or bake their famous cookies.  Then divide them up and take them home!
Hand make gifts or ornaments:
Whatever your talent, share it, you can be sure it will be a treasured gift from your heart and hand and no doubt looked forward to each year.  To add to it--wrap it in a home made wrap.
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