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Be a Tree Hugger With That Christmas Tree

Think ahead how to dispose of your holiday tree

how and where to recycle christmas trees
Our ultimate list of tree hugging tips to dispose of that tree in a GREENER way after the holiday

Mulch It!
Our complete guide How to mulch Christmas Trees and Holiday Wreaths.
Curbside Pick-up for Recycling:
Most towns will collect trees during their regular pickup schedules on the 2 weeks following Christmas.  There are often requirements for size, removing ornaments, flocking, etc; see below for details.
Non Profit Pick Up:
Call for an appointment to have a non-profit in your area pickup your tree. Some boy scout troops are offering a pickup service for a small donation.
Drop Off:
Take your tree to a drop off recycling center. Most counties have free drop-off locations throughout the county. Usually, you may take up to two trees to any of the following drop-off locations at no charge.
Never burn your Christmas tree in a fireplace or wood stove. Pines, firs and other evergreens have a high content of flammable turpentine oils.  Burning the tree may contribute to creosote buildup and risk a chimney fire.
Mulch it:
A Christmas tree is biodegradable It’s great if you have a shredder or a friend with one!  But if you don’t, cut the tree to fit loosely into your yard waste container or chip the branches for mulch.
Town Mulching:
This is a fast-growing trend in communities nationwide. Some towns will chip and shred your trees, then make the mulch available for use in your garden.   Check with your local department of public works for information.
General Rules for Preparing the Tree:
Before you throw:
Remove all ornaments, tinsel, lights, and other NON-Organic decorative materials. Don’t forget the tree stand!
Trees are sometimes required to be cut into 4 ft lengths. In some locales, the trees must be cut small enough pieces to fit inside your yard waste container.
Flocked trees will often need to be chopped-up and disposed with regular solid waste.
*Be sure to check with your local hauler - these are just general guidelines!
ALTERNATIVE IDEAS: Mulching is great but there are other yard ideas, too!  If you have a sizable yard or live by a lake or woodland—here are some creative ways to reuse that tree.
Soil erosion barriers: Christmas trees make effective sand and soil erosion barriers, especially at for lake and river shoreline stabilization and river delta sedimentation management.
Fish feeders: Sunk into private fish ponds trees make excellent refuge and feeding area for fish.
Bird feeders: Place Christmas tree in the garden or backyard and use it as a bird feeder and sanctuary. Orange slices and popcorn will attract birds and they can sit in the branches for shelter. Within a year the branches will become brittle and you can break the tree apart by hand or chip it in a chipper. See this article from Perdue University for more information.
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