Saturday, November 20, 2021

Thankful Activities For Kids For Thanksgiving

Looking for inclusive and meaningful ideas to do with your kids for a more meaningful and playful Thanksgiving this year? Planetpals has it covered with these adorable and thoughtful Thanksgiving lessons that teach lessons and show them ways to give thanks.

Thanksgiving Activities  Meaningful, Design & Color. Construct A Thankful Turkey:

Thanksgiving Lesson Share Piece of Thankful Pie. A Life Skills & Writing Activity:

Thanksgiving Activities & Writing Page. Design & Color. Learn Meaningful Words:

Planetpals: We help your make holidays happy and fun!

Monday, November 1, 2021

Planetpals puts an 'E" in your Thanksgiving To Make It Greener

15 great 'E'cology tips to help you make a greener world this holiday!

1.     When food and holiday shopping combine trips to save gas and energy
2.     Buy in bulk: Use large soda containers instead of many small cans.
3.     Bake your pies and dishes in reusable pans not disposable aluminum 
4.     Cook Many things in your oven at the same time to save energy
5.     Light a fire in the hearth to save on energy. Even better, make newspaper logs!
6.     Have a cooler with drinks for a large gathering-opening and closing the refridgerator let's the cold air out  and uses more energy
7.     Have  a designated Recycle Bin for guests Use Planetpals Free Recycle Sign
8.     Use cloth napkins, placemats and table covers. It not only makes the day more special, it saves paper!
9.     Make your own paper place cards and menus. Make them from your own handmade paper.  See Planetpals Paper Making Recipe.
10.  Make a delicious recipes from those decorative pumpkins, berries and gourds (yes, you can cook some varieties) after the holiday. Don't just throw them away!
11.  Recycle your decorations from year to year.
12.  Make decorations from recycled materials. this is a great craft for kids. 
13.  Make paper mache decorations such as paper mache pumpkins. They not only can be reused, you are reusing paper! See Planetpals Paper Mache Recipe.
14.  Make decorations from edibles such as fruit and cloves. The options are endless, just use creativity!  
15.  It takes a lot of energy to make new containers, paper products and packaging. Be diligent in recycling all your newspapers, cans, bottles, plastics, cardboard and other materials.
 Lastly, learn all kinds of eco friendly and fun Thanksgiving  tips, tricks and crafts - Read the Thanksgiving Journal.

Always Remember the 4 "R"s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair!
Want to learn more TIPS for a greener Thanksgiving?  Check out oor tips for kids featured in this article:  Creating a sustainable Thanksgiving celebration: Q&A with the experts

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Clean and Green Ideas For Back To School!

Planetpals ™  Helps you go back to school in Green

Here are a few ways you can help the planet this school year...Remember, every litter bit helps! 
  • Reuse backpacks, and containers for school items, sports items instead of buying new ones.
  • Use up last year's school supplies before you replace them
  • Take your lunch in a reusable lunch box, or cloth bag instead of paper bags..
  • Recycle any packaging in your lunch box.
  • Pack a cloth napkin instead of paper napkin. You can reuse it! Just count all your school days...that's how many paper napkins you saved.
  • Cover your books in recycled paper bags or wrap... decorate them yourself, they could look fun and you might start a trend!
  • Use the reverse side of scrap paper for your first drafts of writing, art and math projects.
  • Keep a "craft box" of discards you think might be handy for class projects during the year...mark it "my craft box" so no-one will mistake it for trash! Keep things like empty yogurt containers, elastics, string etc...that might interesting and useful for your art.
  • Take the bus or Car-pool with friends...have your moms take turns...It's fun to go to school in groups and you save lots of gas!.
  • Remember masks, use reusable ones!
  • Ask your teacher to put up Planetpals recycle kits posters to remind everyone at school about recycling.
  • See below here for more recycle ideas for everyday!
Use our teacher tested #backtoschool World Healthy & Happy Activities in the classroom, at home, anytime! We love Earth and you!

See our #backtoschool board on Pinterest for more back to school ideas! 

and over 1,000 pages of educational content on 

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Free Healthy Kids Checklist For Earthday And Everyday

Kids Can Be Healthy Inside And Out!

Learn good habits when you are young!  We're here to help your kids be healthy inside and out with this healthy kids checklist.

One of the best ways to be healthy inside and out is to be a Planetpal every day! That means eating healthy and doing healthy things. Take care of your body and take care of the earth.

We have designed this free printable healthy kids checklist--kids can put it on the fridge or tape it to the wall and remind themselves to be a Planetpal, everyday in every way!

healthy planet healthy kids earth day everyday activity
Download this Free Printable Activity Now

Free download! Healthy Planet Healthy People That's What Planetpals Is All About.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Rah Rah Real Green Dorm Room Decorating

Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor

Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor

Loads of creative recycle decorating ideas to make a personal statement in the college home away from home. 
Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
How are you going to get there? Here is one fun way to go back to school waiting in an upcycled school bus - bus stop from 
There's nothing like those years in college!  It sure is fun to decorate your dorm room today with a myriad of designer lines available to coordinate everything from a shower caddy to closet organizers.
But what if you want to show some originality, save some money and be green? Repurpose! Upcycle! Reuse!
Here are some of our favorite "simple to do" repurpose ideas that work perfectly for the dorm room or college apartment. 
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Arty T Shirt's Framed

Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Your Country, City or State in a Frame.  How Great!

Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
 A Bike Rack!
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle

 The new meaning of a book case!  A Hiding bin for more than books

Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle

A Patchwork of T-shirts-Warm n Cozy

Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle

Creative study nook from  
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle

Perfect for the musician a guitar case book case from / 
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Let them know what you read with an upcycled books headboard from - you could use anything for this, even maps, adds or posters!
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle

Use your old skateboards with  this skateboard book shelf from 
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Show where you are from with these license plate bookends from 
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Need a file cabinet?  Make this handy portable file cabinet with a vintage suitcase and always be ready to go from
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle

Also from  this clever recycled record book end...just heat and bend.  You can make bowls from records , too.
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Need a table?  Make one with an old sign or recycled framed print. So simple from  You can use many things for a base. 
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle

Don't overlook that old wooden ladder give it a college life as this upcycled book case from 
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Sew you need a needle and's one for the guys made from your treasured matchbox or hot wheel  from  
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Perfect for the art student or crafter.  A great way to organize paints, spices or other items.  A soda crate from www.school1
Lots of Ideas for Creative Upcycling for Dorm Room Decor #backtoschool #recycle
Let's not forget memos  and momentos a simple way to make a personalized bulletin board from  Just choose a fabric to match your room or make a statement.
Want more great dorm ideas?  See our Pinterest DORM Board and our Man Cave Board
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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

How Important Is Caring For Earth - Let Kids tell Us!

Teachers Help Kids Illustrate How Important Environmental Responsibility Is!

Kids around the world illustrate how important caring for the planet can be.

Canton Elementary School Student Andrew , first grade, drew his rendition of Planetpals Earthman.  

Kids Illustrate how to Care about earth with art
Muzak thought up his own Planetpals Characters....and shared them with us. This creative poster idea was part of an art compitition organized by HRCA mega events, Pakistan. Muaaz Salman and in the first grade received silver medal for this.

Kids Illustrate how to Care about earth with art

Simple ideas by using newsprint and printed type, teach us to plant trees. Drawing by Christie.

Kids Illustrate how to Care about earth with art

Division 1,  K-1st grade student Jonathan R. from Samoset Elementary Manatee County teaches us about water conservation.

Kids Illustrate how to Care about earth with art

Teaching us many things!  This clever poster by first grader Rachel Watson illustrates everything we can foo to help Earth.She won first prize.
Kids Illustrate how to Care about earth with art
There are many more great ideas for Teachers to Teach responsibility at Planetpals.  All Earth all the time!

Monday, July 5, 2021

Changing Seasons Are A Great Time For A Nature Journal

Journals can be a great learning experience all year long

Nature Journals can be a great learning experience all year long - Learn how to make one!
For links to these projects go to Planetpals Pinterest Nature Journal Board

What better learning experience is there than to document nature's splendor, with a nature diary! It's a great project for any age including kids!  Anyone can draw, write, record and photograph what they see.

Any season is a season for Journaling; 

Spring means outdoors for many who have cooped up all winter, like birds and bugs, trees and plants.   Summer is a time for thriving for many plants and animals, caring for their young, plants blooming and harvesting.  As well, Autumn harvests and the storing and shedding of animals and plants.  Winter is time for hibernation and wild weather patterns. Let's face it, all year long nature evolves, the skies not only change through the seasons, but change day and night, as do the tides. 

The changing seasons are a perfect time to think of Journaling.  

Journaling is a wonderful pastime and an educational hobby. With the changing season comes changes in nature. You can track the seasons of trees and flowers.  You can track nature's life cycles like that of a butterfly from and egg to a caterpillar to a full grown butterfly. You can watch animals come out of, or prepare and go into, hibernation.

Things you can record in a Journal:

Learn to look for patterns in nature such as heart shaped leaves, camouflage or repetitive patterns. Find nests and cocoons, take photos of changing leaves, sprouting flowers and new blossoming plants. Watch gardens grow and the changing seaside.  Learn what different species eat, which ones are endangered,  and learn about the food chain. Collect different kinds of natural species or their parts such as shells or barks from trees. Or simply find the beauty in any natural thing!

Here is a list of additional ideas for a Seasonal Journal:
  • Color in Nature
  • Art in Nature
  • Anatomy and Architecture
  • Planted Seedlings
  • Budding and Blooming Flowers
  • Budding and Blooming Trees
  • Birds and Nests
  • Bugs and Insects
  • Cacoons and Bee Hives
  • Hybernation and Habitats
  • Otters and Damns
  • Breeding and Birth
  • Sky and Clouds
  • Changing Leaves
  • Collecting bark, leaves, insects or shells
  • More 
© Judith Gorgone Designs

How to document in your Journal:
  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Photograph
  • Write Stories
  • Write Poems
  • Write Haiku
  • Describe Objects
  • Color Match
  • Collect specimens
  • Save seeds
  • Collect images from magazines
  • Decorate

How to make a Scrapbook:
  • Buy a notebook or scrapbook
  • Use any kind of paper
  • Use paper 
  • Use cloth
  • Recycle papers, scraps and bags
  • Recycle cardboard

See many more ideas and download helpers here:

Be a Planetpal!  Come up with some natural ideas and recycle ideas you can use in your journal and share it with us!

Friday, June 11, 2021

DIY Beach Sandcastle Kit Even You Can Make

Make your own Sand Castle Kit with Recycle and Household Items! Simple as a Grain of Sand.

Playing in the sand is lots of fun for any age.  So get prepared for that day at the beach.  Make a recycle sandcastle kit!  Pack it up in a plastic bucket or your favorite beach pail.
Make a Sand Castle Kit from recycled and household items for the beach.

I came across this infographic from Sandstackers on how to make your own sandcastle. There sure are some good suggestions here:
Make a Sand Castle Kit from recycled and household items for the beach....Read all our tips
click to enlarge.
Let's take it a step further! 

You can use many household items for your sandcastle and why not recycle.  You can find items around your kitchen and your garage, too.

Here are some suggestions:


  • Window Scraper
  • Spray Bottles
  • Paint Brushes
Kitchen Tools:
  • Measuring Cups
  • Funnels
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Food Containers (Square and round)
  • Lemon Ballers
  • Spatulas and other Cooking Utensils
  • Kitchen Scraper
Tools for #DIY Sandbox kit
Tips on how to make a lasting sandcastle:

There are plenty of tips out there to make professional grade sandcastles such as this from RedBook Magazine which suggests that you:

"Start with a densely packed mound of sand. To get the best density, build up the mound gradually: Add 6 inches of sand, pack down firmly with your fists, then pour half a bucket of water on top. (You can never add too much water; any excess will just drain out.) Repeat until you've reached your desired height."
Just use your imagination!

Can't wait to see what you create this summer.