Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Disco Ball Recycle Crafts

Have a Ball

Whether it's New Years Eve or A Dance Party you can have a ball!  Here are 10 ways to make a #DIY disco ball.

From buzz feed a CD Disco Ball Made with CD Chips
From Tikkido Make a Disco Ball Piñata with sequins..or maybe you could make one with dimes!
From a Tin Foil Disco Ball.  So simple! Make more than 1!
From Make a ball with glitter
From Edible Crafts A Cupcake Liner Ball 

From make a ball with plastic cups and Christmas light
   From great big CD Ball! 
A Broken Mirror Disco Ball Direction from A House on The

From Eva Truffaut a Disco Globe: Take an old globe and cover it in CD or mirror chips 

Lastly Disco Ball Ribbon wrapped around a ball of any kind of Ball

Get Dancin!