Thursday, October 8, 2020

Alternative Activities And Ideas For A Covid Halloween That Won't Spook You!

It's scary! It sure is a game-changer this year in every way, Halloween is no different. 

Covid Halloween 2020 Ideas & Activities

So, with that in mind, many of you are wondering how to handle Halloween this year.  Many grapple with whether to take your children out trick or treating or to holiday parties.  We hear that gatherings are a source of the Coronavirus virus spreading, and touching another source. It's obvious that many people do not want their kids putting their hands in bowls of candy and many home-owners don't want to hand candy out. How do you social distance and still have fun & keep the tradition? Make a new tradition! 

What SPOOKTacular things can you do for a Covid Halloween?  

Here are some alternative ideas for a safe and fun Halloween for your family, classmates and friends. Some of them so great, you may want to incorporate them every year! 

In each case you can have the kids help make Halloween themed treats, serve Halloween candies, dress up in Halloween costumes, give prizes, whatever you can dream up.

  • Have a Family Halloween Party at home: Serve a special dinner or dessert Halloween themed. 
  • Have a Halloween Movie Night: Choose a Halloween movie you all will enjoy!
  • Have Halloween Dessert Party: Easy as pie! Ghostly treats, fun to eat!
  • Have a Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt: Hide candy around the house or yard.
  • Have a Halloween Drawing Contest: Fun for the creative crew.  Display them all month!
  • Have  a Halloween light show & decorating event.  Not just for Christmas anymore! Do a drive by or walk by with neighbors (social distancing of course).
  • Have a Zoom Halloween Party:  This will work for family, friends or school classmates. Show off your costumes, decorations, artwork and treats!
  • Have a Halloween Craft Night: Choose some creative crafts, be a Planetpal and RE-use them to decorate next year!
  • Lots of Halloween Craft and Food Ideas in Planetpals Halloween Journal, too. Don't miss one Boo-tiful thing!

As you can see there are lots of alternatives.  Who knows they may be so much fun taht they can become a tradition for years to come. 

Happy Hal-OHOH-ween!