Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Art of The Edible Christmas Tree

These yummy Christmas tree food ideas are healthy alternatives bound to amuse your family and friends this holiday.

Whether you are feeding one or a houseful of holiday guests, the fun food tree will bring on the cheer and make you the star on top!  So much so, that your friends and family won't even realize they are eating healthy.
Fun Food Art Christmas Trees To Decorate Any Holiday Table:
Say Cheese! Delish Cheese and Grape Tree from Cabot Cheese - Any hard cheeses will do.
Cream cheese Christmas tree from Betty Crocker
 Not Cheesy! Cream Cheese Christmas Tree from Betty Crocker - you could use Brie also.

Christmas Tree Pizzas With Pizzaz from Family Fun
Brocolli and Tomato Tree a Healthy Munch For A Bunch from Meal Planning 
So Sweet! The Tutti Fruity Tree from Ginger and Garlic Blog  
Rosy and Red Strawberry Christmas Tree  from Maddycakes Muse
Ole! Tortilla Roll Christm as Tree by Better Homes and Gardens
Snap up smiles with snap peas christmas tree by Little Nummies 
Christmas Pancakes Won't Leave Breakfast Flat By Cute Food For Kids
This Grape Tree Snack Plate Is A Natural from Kitchen Fun with Mummy

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