Friday, April 22, 2022

 Send An Earth Day Greeting Card! 

What better way to spread the word for a better world than sending an Earthday message. Great designs available from artist Judith Designs at Greeting Card Universe.

By Artist & Designer Judith Gorgone

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Happy Earthday Pals!

Friday, April 1, 2022

Planetpals Teachers Pay Teachers Store - The Best Activities On Earth For The Classroom!

Planetpals Characters have been part of early education for well over a decade, used in many schools and by many organizations worldwide for Earthday and everyday environmental education. It's website and blog were the first environmental education sources online, with over a thousand of pages of educational content and ideas.

PP TPT Store The Best On EARTH!

Planetpals educational activities and activity books are not only fun, they educate children about their world.  Whether the topic be Earth Science, Earthday, World Peace, Health or Holiday Topics, they inspire learning about our world in a delightful and meaningful way! Planetpals unique, entertaining and enlightening activities make everyday and every holiday  greener and more playful.

Kids learn:
  • To love and appreciate the world around them
  • To care for the planet, everyone and everything on it
  • To be tolerant and responsible
  • To be healthy inside and out
So, whether you are teaching, homeschooling, or just want purposeful and relevant play for your children,  check out our website at and our creative activities. 

Planetpals activities can be found solo or on bundles at Planetpals TeachersPayTeachers Store