Friday, July 17, 2020

Funny Punny Playful Humor To Educate Kids During Covid Times

We created a Covid Lesson that comes at a time of uncertainty and frustration for educators and students alike!
Just one of the fun items in this 13 page bundle.
It is meant to be a solution! To open up dialog and act as inspiration, as well as humor and lightheartedness for these unusual times.
The lessons, poem and cartoons enable students to learn what they can do to help themselves and others. It teaches responsibility and enables them.
It can easily be adapted to many age groups and used both in remote and classroom settings.

The CORNAVIRUS BUG BUNDLE Includes 13 Pages (PDF and PNG formats):
  • The CORNAVIRUS BUG KIT Includes:
  • 2 Page Lesson
  • 1 Page Game Board
  • 1 Page Poem
  • 1 Writing / Drawing Page
  • 1 Clip Art Page
  • 1 Greeting Card To Assemble
  • 6 Cartoon Posters

Health, Wellness, Solutions.
Coronavirus Covid Health Habits 13 Activities, Posters, Lessons, Game, Poem Bundle
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