Monday, November 9, 2015

Little Things You Can Do To Make Kids A Big Part of Holiday Decorating, Preparation and Gift Giving

How?  Simple!

Get kids involved!  Whether you are preparing a dish to bring to a friends house, decorating the tree or bringing a gift to grandparents, kids can pitch in. It makes it more memorable and meaningful.  Go a step further and teach them to be green: Try to incorporate earth friendly ingredients or recycled as well as reusable items.
Here are some small ideas that will make a big difference for your kids this holiday: 
  • Have the kids make gifts for one and other or help you.They will learn the joy of gift giving as well as learn new skills! 
  • Make cards from craft supplies or make cards from last year’s cards and wrap.
  • Make cards from homemade paper and envelopes
  • Make homemade cookies or breads and decorate them or fun food art
  • Grow plants or herbs from seeds starting early!
  • Plant small seedlings in hand painted pots or recycled pots
  • Make ornaments from paper mache or lint clay and hand paint them (See for the best paper mache recipes ever including lint dryer clay and play clay).
  • Make origami ornaments
  • Print gift wrap, using nontoxic paints and dyes on recycled (and recyclable) craft paper. Use potato prints or rubber stamps.
  • Kids love making a good old-fashioned popcorn balls or popcorn tinseland it can be yummy!
  • A no cost solution: Have them write a poem or story and illustrate it! Use a recycled frame, home made frame and frame it!
  • Make boxes for their gifts from cereal boxes and other cardboard
  • Lastly, make a Planetpals ornament for your home or tree. It's got an eco friendly theme. Free Download to print and assemble

    Happy Holidays from your Pals at!