Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Is A Natural For Craft Fun!

It's summer.  What better time is there to walk the beach or park and collect objects for nature crafts!  Here's 8 of Planetpals best picks for summer creating that are as simple and sweet as a summer ice cream.

Wizard Sticks by To Swoon For.  Easy and fun.  Why not string them and make a wind chime?
Drift wood craft

Use natural objects to emboss From My Plum Pudding. A basketful of fun! Why not make large ones as stepping stones?

Leaf Crafts

Make a Sand Bowl.  Simple and playful but elegant.  Dripped sand can also be used to 
cover bottles.

DIY sand craft

Sand Art How to from Planetpals.  Make paintings or other crafts.  Simple recipes.

DIY Colored Sand Recipe

Painting fish won't make you crabby. Try these painted rocks and other rock crafts from Planetpals 

DIY Painted Rocks Crafts

Another one that would make great stepping stones with large stones or be just jolly souvenirs or decor using small ones.  These footprints rock for a seaside home!

DIY Make stöne footprints
Leaf collecting doesn't have to be just for Fall. From Rachel WhitingMake a Leaf collection and DIY a Journal.  Why not make your own Paper Recipes  available from Planetpals.

DIY Make a Leaf Book

Spelling rocks!  Paint or write on rocks.  Whether you write the word "beach", write your name or a message. It's so simple!
DIY Message Rocks Nature Craft

Inspired? Stroll around and get your feet wet doing a new nature craft.  Nature crafts are a natural.  For more fun and fascinating nature crafts check out Planetpals Nature Crafts Pinterest Page
DIY Nature Crafts and Activities for all ages

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Red, White, Blue And Oh So Green Patriotic Campers

Summer means patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor day. It also means camping and the great outdoors.  Some folks have combined the two in a clever way by decorating their campers in patriotic motifs.

Usually it's an upcycled project using an older model.  Raise the flag to these tin can campers, camper vans and busses that proudly display the USA flag and would be a welcome addition to any patriotic parade or campground.

Happy Campers for sure!

patriotic red white blue camper

patriotic tin can camper

patriotic camper

patriotic train

patriotic VW Bus Westfalia Camper

patriotic campers

patriotic camper

Patriotic camper VW Bus Westfalia

patriotic camper vw bus westfalia

patriotic camper

For more fun Patriotic Ideas check out our Patriotic Craft Page on Planetpals.com and
Patriotic Ideas and Foods on Pinterest.