Tuesday, April 11, 2023

What Are Those Unsightly Meters In Our Yards?

Utility Boxes: Wondering what they are, what you can do about them, and who cares for them? They vary among telephone, cable and water meters. Some are obsolete, some still in use. 

They can be eyesores because many of them are leaning, rusty, and broken!  It depends on the type of box or "post" it is and which utility: cable, electric, water, etc, what we can do to it. Sometimes you can call the town utility company and they will replace them. 

Recently, A village of my neighbors tackled the utility box issue together. They paid for the paint and a very generous resident painted them in "Trailing Vine" green that blended in with lawns...and with all painted the same color they disappeared! NIce idea!

There are other solutions such as decorative items sold to cover them, even fake rocks.

Options to update posts:

  • Call the provider see if they will replace it with a new one-sometimes they do.
  • Landscape and plant around them. If they are a meter (electric) someone has to get at, leave one side open.
  • Buy fake rock covers, available in various sizes 
  • Buy decorative covers like light posts (for small ones)
  • Paint them
  • If you are not sure do your research!
On specific meters, If you are in question, check with your HOA, your utility companies: Electric or Water or Cable or town.

1. You can cover boxes and posts as long as you make sure that they are still accessible to workers who may need to enter them.

2. Water meters are flat in the ground and have blue pipes - the Utility Dept usually replaces these.

3. Large boxes (like the one shown) are for multiple units like condos, townhouses, neighborhoods.

4. Check with neighbors who have done theirs, they may have the info.

Let's keep our world beautiful! 

Some fun ideas: