Thursday, April 6, 2023

Don't Be Seedless! Find Or Make A Plant Seed Library

Fun Fab Earth Day And Everyday Garden Idea

To Make Your World Greener!


What Is A Seed Library?

It's a "Seed Share" idea similar to neighborhood and beach libraries used for books.  

You can sometimes find them at your local library and in a community or neighborhood library box. Seeds are often provided by agricultural colleges, garden clubs and seed share groups. Sometimes there are plant swaps, at your town swap or in your neighborhood, too.

You don't have it? Create it! 

Here are some simple ideas to help you get started:

The Neighborhood Box:

The Library Box

The Garden Group Box

The Plant Swap 

Be creative, if your neighborhood, community, or town doesn't have it. You can always suggest it or make one! All you need is to upcycle a container such as a file cabinet, file box or book shelf. Of course if you are handy you can make a little library house box. 

What  do you share? For seeds you can share flower and plant seeds, seedlings, even cuttings depending on your means. Some people bring extra gardening tools and no longer needed plant pots to plant swaps. Besides the all year swap, you can hold a one day swap, a porch swap or an ongoing seasonal swap. 

The sky is the limit...or is it the Earth? Happy Gardening!