Saturday, October 15, 2016

Creative Ways To Reuse Kids School Work

No don't throw!  Repurpose Recycle, Reuse, Remember.  What to do with kids art, compositions and homework. 

Some of your kids schoolwork and artwork is surely worth saving.  How can you make it last longer, display it, reuse it or repurpose it?

Make a book.
For lasting memories, take choice pieces of schoolwork and enjoy it for years to come.  Make a book for each school year or for each school. For instance a book for  elementary, junior high, high school.
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Use it for book covers.
Wrap schoolbooks in art.
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Make Gifts!  Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap
Cut it, mount it, fold it and make greeting cards to relatives and friends for holidays or everyday
Frame it.
Take those favorites and frame it for a special room or study.

Hang it. 
Many creative ways to make a gallery. Sometimes the fridge is too small to accommodate.  Displaying it is a wonderful way for kids to see how their work improves.
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Make things!
Take some choice pieces and fold them, cute them, and make mobiles, kites, greeting cards, gift wrap.   Or for craft paper in paper mache, quilling, paper chains, origami, collages, and other paper crafts.

Make A Recycle Mobile - (Mobile by MAX Shinohara)
Make A Recycle Mobile - (Mobile by MAX Shinohara)
Make a Recycle KITE! - (directions via

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