Saturday, October 1, 2016

A World of Earth Costumes!

So Many Ways To Make An Earth Costume For Any Earth Holiday or Costume Celebration!

Recycled Costumes DIY
Here's an Earth contest competition, that is sure to go global!  India holds the Fancy Dress Earth Costume Competition each year. These are great world costume ideas for Earth  Day, Halloween, Mardi Gras, America Recycles Day, or Carnivale , and Earth Friendly!

The theme is Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids on Environment Day or Earth DayThey suggest students Explore Environment Day or Earth Day and Think about the Importance about the Day.

Each child is required to make a social statement about earth and each costume has to tell a story.   If you want to see them all in detail check out the website or UTUBE. There are a world of videos on the sites showing each costume from all sides and all angles. There is also some narrative.  Most costumes are based on the GLOBE but many concepts include Water, Recycling, Planting, Ozone, etc.

Fancy Dress options are based around following topics:
  • Save Earth
  • Clean Environment
  • Re-Cycle Product
  • Save Trees
  • Save Animals
What Planetpals they are! 

I Have Chosen Some Of My favorite Fancy Dress Earth Costume Results Kids Did For Environment Day and Earth Day:

A World of Earth Costumes Even You Can Make! #reycle

A World of Earth Costumes Even You Can Make! #reycle