Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The Art of the Recycled VW Exterior

VW Exteriors: Talk about anything goes...anything is possible! 
The art and restoration of Vintage VW's-  Outside and In. So many cool ideas!

Vw dream cars with creative restorations that will make you smile on and off the road. 

Here are some unique recycle ideas for VW Exteriors, painted and otherwise,  that will make you wish you owned one! 

What can I say!  A Classic from Florida
Tye Dye to dye for!
Painted with Black board paint from Stacy Lynn.  Allows  others experience their VW.  Ever changing! 
Alla 60's a painted VW  with Flower Power
Another all original ...Many owners want it that way   
Alla "60's" Mid Century style...with accessories to match 

Love Boat Style

Alla "now" the graffiti look
The Geometric 

Another Chalkboard painted car--allowing creativity and interaction. Great fun for show cars 
Flower Power in the garden!   
Another remake...Alla "Monster Car"...the Monster Van 
Creative recycling,  making your own model   

2 in one...a Bug trailer upcycle, pulled by a matching van. Sweet!
Vrrrrrrooom....The VW Bike...Now that's inventive!  
Bring it in!  The Vw Pool Table 
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