Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy Camper Guide

For many people camping is not just a place to stay but an experience!

Happy Camper Guide! Everything you need to know to camp in your RV, Tent or Campervan. What to bring, what to do, how to do it.

There is nothing better than communing with nature. Waking up to smell the coffee and the scent of the ocean, the trees or admiring the vast landscape.  Wherever you camp it can bring you closer to the great outdoors.

Of course, whether you camp in a tent, camper van, yurt or RV, there are special memories to be made, particularly if you are sharing them with friends, family or loved ones.

Here is our simple guide to making those camping moments a little more special, fun and comfortable:

Know Before You Go!
  • Check the weather.  
  • Check checklists
  • Bring directions or GPS
  • Don't forget emergency Supplies
Decorate.  Make it yours.

Camp Set Up:
  • Pitch your tent on level ground
  • Separate eating and sleeping areas
  • Designate a wet area for water and clean up
  • Designate a trash area.  Keep food off the ground!
  • Designate a Pet Place
  • Keep things you need often handy!
  • Accessorize with camping furniture, shelters, sports equipment, camper kitchen
  • Decorate. Make it yours. Yes, you heard us.  A great project for the kids!  Find flowers for the table, put up a flag or sign, make a menu, make it happy.
Happy CampFire

Campfire Building:
How to make a Campfire

Campfire Activities:
  • Cooking. Why not let the kids cook! Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
  • Dutch Oven Cooking is a campers favorite
  • Hot coffee, Hot cocoa
  • With Smores!  Try new recipes!
  • Campfire songs and campfire stories
  • Camp cocktails.  Doesn't have to be liquor to be fun!
  • Start a tradition!

Outdoor Activities:
Play a game or make one
  • Bike
  • Swim
  • Nature walk
  • Natural scavenger hunt
  • Invent a game
  • Play a game or board game
  • Read 
  • Write in a nature journal.

Bed Time:
  • Have pajamas and toiletries in an easily available spot. 
  • Prepare individual bed/bath kit for each person with: PJ's/ towel / soap / toothbrush / toothpaste etc
  • Have flashlights readily accessible
  • Night time story 

What you need and why

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Happy Camping! Wherever you go.