Friday, September 26, 2014

Think Inside The Box For Good Green Fun.

When it comes to play, something as simple as a box can be the most creative of all.

Planetpals recycle play ieas
Photo: Tracey Guerra Grady

Here at Planetpals, we love seeing what families come up with for box based play. So, whether you are a Parent, Grandparent or Teacher, think outside the box to find ways to play inside the box.

Did I say it's also green? Reusing cartons and boxes is not only creative, but it's a great way to recycle and get one more use out of something headed for a heap.

If your a grandparent, you don't always have the luxury of space to keep lots of toys around for the kids, it's a great solution.  If your on vacation, in a hotel, camping, on a limited budget, or just love being eco friendly, creating toys together with boxes and other recycle materials can be a great way interact and allow kids something new to play with. 

Just playing in a big empty box can be fund and a great way to use your imagination.  Add crayons, paper, and toys and what do you have?

Here are some of the most imaginative toy box ideas we could find to get you inspired:

Cardboard Pizza Recycle Box
Cardboard Pizza ~ Hours of cooking fun - bake it in the oven below.  Or make a kitchen range! 

Pizza over recycle box
Cardboard Pizza Oven ~ Make a pizza oven complete with a brick front to bake cardboard pizzas.  It's made from recycled boxes. 

Cardboard gas station
Fill her up! Gas tank to fit your cars.  Whether you use it with your electric cars or your matchbox.  Make a gas tank to fit!
DIY Railroad box toy

Make a road or a train track. I love this one because I used to do it when the kids came to visit.  Perfect for Nan's house..slides under a bed for hours of play using small toys and cars.

DIY Railroad station

recycle puppet theatre diy
Shadow Box.  Teach kids about shadows and light. Let them create a play for the family.

diy barn recycle toy
Nap time with furry friends in their own little barn. Use scraps for the roof shingles , make it as elaborate as you like. This looks like it was made for a kids a room for years of play.

recycle diorama
Make a diorama.  Themed or Imaginary.  Add small toys. Turn it into a playhouse.  Some cool ideas here.

DIY Box toy recycle cardboard
Make A Doll house or Shopping Mall with these free patterns to download

DIY Campground with recycle boxes
Make a campground with boxes and cartons. Check out this fun project!

DIY box toy game
Ball toss or sorting game.  This is tres simple and clever. 

toy castle with recycle boxes
DIY Cardboard Castle ~ Make a life size castle with large cartons or one to fit your favorite dolls with small boxes and cartons.  Paint, Draw or Decorate.

make a toy car with boxes
You Auto have this Box.  Make a car, truck, train, good to go!

Make a toy store with a box
Toy store with products galore.  Whether you make a fruit stand, crafts market, or grocery this life size vendor is good for many hours of play.

make a cube game
Letter Boxes: Perfect for the Toddler.  Stack them, read them, learn the alphabet by sorting things inside (A for airplane, B for ball).

Make a laundry room with recycle boxes
Wash Day Play. Make a washer and dryer. Teach kids to do their clothes with a string, clothespins, empty laundry bottle and some clothing.

What else can you make? 

a cash register
a post office box
a camera
a dog house
a train
a plane
a space ship
The sky is the limit!

Check out Planetpals Craft Pages and  Planetpals Pinterest Page for recycled toys, box toys and more. 

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