Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hoping For World PEACE This Peace Day!

Learn about Peace With PeacePal

A happy healthy world is the goal of Planetpals and what better way to celebrate and encourage it than a complete CLUB dedicated to it.  

Learn about Peace With PeacePal
At Planetpals we have done just that! We hope you will take part in learning how to share love, understanding and tolerance in your own small world as well as this great big world. 
Septmber 21 is Peace Day. It's also the end of Planetpals Summer of Love celebration. Through which we brought Peace Ideas and Peace Activities to kids worldwide.  
The Story of Peace Day Our Exclusive Peace Poem

If you are wondering exactly what Peace Day is---Check out Planetpals.com and Planetpals IKIDSCLUB to learn all about PEACE day and gather the best collection of Peace solutions and activities.
At IKC you will find Peace art, peace songs, peace poems, peace history, peace facts, peace quotes, peace activities and a lot more.  All to help you foster PEACE, LOVE, TOLERANCE and UNDERSTANDING.  
Learn how to have peace in your small world as well as the big world around you.  Send a peace card. Say PEACE in many languages.  It's the only complete PEACE site on the web.  Like Planetpals, it isn't missing a thing.
The Story of Peace Day , Free Peace Crafts, Poems, Art, More
More Peace, Rainbow and Smiley Happy Face Crafts on our Peace Pinterest Page:

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