Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Favorite Earthday Ever!

April 22,  is Earth Day.  Every Year as Planetpals, we want to celebrate in a special way!

We took a look back at some of our Earthday activities with family. As you can imagine, we have found many ways to celebrate through the years. Everything from making recycle crafts and foods, to attending Earth Day celebrations and a simple walk in the park.

By far our favorite Earthday was a walk in the park We started our day doing recycle crafts from odds and ends that we had collected.  We made earth globes from tuna cans and bottle tops and robots from various other recycled materials (of course)!
Later, we packed a healthy picnic and headed to the Boston Common to enjoy the wonders of springtime.
It's not complicated to teach kids to love Earth and care for their world. Basic things like learning about flowers, trees and animals can make a lasting impression on children.  Taking a walk and spotting litter can lead to dialog about responsibility. Every step can lead to an adventure in learning, and on Earthday, we wanted it to be about Earth.
Our Earthday did just that.  No Earthday cake, No Earthday parade, No big crowd.  Just us PLANETPALS partaking in our beautiful world.  Learning to love it. Learning to care for it.  Learning to create it.
Learning about trees and petals: 
 Learning about Petals 
Learning about spring flowers : 
Learning about Flowers 
Learning to care for creatures: 
Caring for Animals 
Learning to draw from nature:
Drawing from Nature 
Learning to write with ancient implements: 
Learning to write with ancient implements 
Enjoying an Earthday picnic:
An earthday picnic on the charles
Making an Earthday craft: 
An Earthday Craft 
Make Tuna Can World Globe:Planetpals Exclusive! 
Such fun for Earthday or Earth Science and georgraphy learning

tuna can globe recycle project

Recycled Robots from ContainersThis is an alternate idea--use cans--basically you can use anything to make fun robots: Humanoids or animals shapes, too