Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free Printable Folding Earthman Box Earthday Craft

Today is the first our Earth Month and Earthday activities.

We will start with Planetpals Earthman.  Download this FREE PRINTABLE Earth Activity to make a folding Earthman. It's a box you can keep reminders or other things in.

Who is Earthman?

Earthman is the most important Planetpal. He represents the whole planet. He cares for the plants and animals alike. Earthman is responsible for getting everyone involved, making them aware by educating and initiating action. Earthman doesn’t make things easy. He has the role of the taskmaster. He expects us to get to work and to work tigether. Discipline and responsibility are important to him, yet if we’re eager to conquer the world, he is there to help!

Earthman's poem:

Earthman says
Please listen to my friends 

we need your help
so the earth can mend

We all must try 
to care for the planet
trees and animals 
and everything on it
We should save our water 
try not to waste
keep things clean
not act in haste

If we keep the earth safe 
and squeaky clean
living things will be healthy

 and everything green. 

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