Wednesday, April 23, 2014

After Easter Recycle Egg Craft

A great green way to recycle those Plastic Easter Eggs, because you know plastic does not biodegrade.

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This is one of our very first crafts on  It's a lesson in engineering as well as a lesson in the 3 R's.
Planetpals Greatest Earthday Pages Ever is loaded with activities, fun facts and games for kids and families.  Teachers love Planetpals in the classroom and mom's love it at home.
With thousands of teacher and parent members on FB alone, we have compiled a Recycle Crafts Series to run through Earthday.  It will include links to Planetpals exclusive craft ideas as well as feature Planetpals favorite recycle craft ideas and instructions.  Ideas that are simple, unique and easy to do for every age group and perfect for home activities, homeschool and the classroom.  We scoured all our sources to bring the best of the best! GREEN.  That's what we are every day of the year.
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