Thursday, October 8, 2020

Alternative Activities And Ideas For A Covid Halloween That Won't Spook You!

It's scary! It sure is a game-changer this year in every way, Halloween is no different. 

Covid Halloween 2020 Ideas & Activities

So, with that in mind, many of you are wondering how to handle Halloween this year.  Many grapple with whether to take your children out trick or treating or to holiday parties.  We hear that gatherings are a source of the Coronavirus virus spreading, and touching another source. It's obvious that many people do not want their kids putting their hands in bowls of candy and many home-owners don't want to hand candy out. How do you social distance and still have fun & keep the tradition? Make a new tradition! 

What SPOOKTacular things can you do for a Covid Halloween?  

Here are some alternative ideas for a safe and fun Halloween for your family, classmates and friends. Some of them so great, you may want to incorporate them every year! 

In each case you can have the kids help make Halloween themed treats, serve Halloween candies, dress up in Halloween costumes, give prizes, whatever you can dream up.

  • Have a Family Halloween Party at home: Serve a special dinner or dessert Halloween themed. 
  • Have a Halloween Movie Night: Choose a Halloween movie you all will enjoy!
  • Have Halloween Dessert Party: Easy as pie! Ghostly treats, fun to eat!
  • Have a Halloween Candy Scavenger Hunt: Hide candy around the house or yard.
  • Have a Halloween Drawing Contest: Fun for the creative crew.  Display them all month!
  • Have  a Halloween light show & decorating event.  Not just for Christmas anymore! Do a drive by or walk by with neighbors (social distancing of course).
  • Have a Zoom Halloween Party:  This will work for family, friends or school classmates. Show off your costumes, decorations, artwork and treats!
  • Have a Halloween Craft Night: Choose some creative crafts, be a Planetpal and RE-use them to decorate next year!
  • Lots of Halloween Craft and Food Ideas in Planetpals Halloween Journal, too. Don't miss one Boo-tiful thing!

As you can see there are lots of alternatives.  Who knows they may be so much fun taht they can become a tradition for years to come. 

Happy Hal-OHOH-ween!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Clean and Green Ideas For Back to School

Here are a few ways you can help the planet this school year...Remember, every litter bit helps!
Here are some simple ways you can be greener this school year #Moms #Dads #kids
  • Take your lunch in a reusable lunch box, or cloth bag instead of paper bags..
  • Recycle any packaging in your lunch box.
  • Pack a cloth napkin instead of paper one. You can reuse it! Just count all your school days...that's how many paper napkins you saved.
  • Cover your books in recycled paper bags or wrap... decorate them yourself, they could look fun and you might start a trend!
  • Use up last years school supplies before you buy new ones.
  • Use the reverse side of scrap paper for your first drafts of writing, art and math projects.
  • Keep a "craft box" of discards you think might be handy for class projects during the year...mark it "my craft box" so noone will mistake it for trash! Keep things like empty yogurt containers, elastics, string etc...that might interesting and useful for your art.
  • Take the bus or Car pool with friends...have your mom's take turns...It's fun to go to school in groups and you save lots of gas!.
  • Ask your teacher to put up Planetpals recycle kits posters to remind everyone at school about recycling.
  • Click here for more recycle ideas for everyday
See our #backtoschool board on Pinterest for more back to school ideas! 

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Friday, July 17, 2020

Funny Punny Playful Humor To Educate Kids During Covid Times

We created a Covid Lesson that comes at a time of uncertainty and frustration for educators and students alike!
Just one of the fun items in this 13 page bundle.
It is meant to be a solution! To open up dialog and act as inspiration, as well as humor and lightheartedness for these unusual times.
The lessons, poem and cartoons enable students to learn what they can do to help themselves and others. It teaches responsibility and enables them.
It can easily be adapted to many age groups and used both in remote and classroom settings.

The CORNAVIRUS BUG BUNDLE Includes 13 Pages (PDF and PNG formats):
  • The CORNAVIRUS BUG KIT Includes:
  • 2 Page Lesson
  • 1 Page Game Board
  • 1 Page Poem
  • 1 Writing / Drawing Page
  • 1 Clip Art Page
  • 1 Greeting Card To Assemble
  • 6 Cartoon Posters

Health, Wellness, Solutions.
Coronavirus Covid Health Habits 13 Activities, Posters, Lessons, Game, Poem Bundle
Get it! TeacherPayTeachers/Planetpals 

Monday, May 25, 2020

DIY No Sew Cut Out Face Mask

DIY Mask 

Now that Coronavirus terms like social distance, stay safe, six feet away are the new normal,  masks are a an adornment, as well as a necessity. 

Why not try this clever one piece mask!
  Clever one piece no sew mask!

It's socially responsible to wear a mask to help protect others as well as ourselves.

Whether you want to make your own fashionable masks, need a last minute mask, or just want to get crafty, here is a simple, no sew, one piece, cut out mask you can do all by yourself. I suggest a flexible jersey fabric.  But it works on many fabrics. Best with stretchable materials. Why not Re-use and repurpose a T shirt! 

These masks are washable, too and can be reused!

Just download this FREE Mask template now: (includes instructions!)
Download Template: Clever one piece no sew mask!

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Remote Learning Resources: Distance Learning Solutions, Ideas & Options

In this new world of social distancing, pandemic solutions, coronavirus fears, stay at home, stuck at home and distance learning, we are all scampering around trying to find options, ideas and solutions.

Distance Learning Remote Learning Resources - If you need resources that are inspiring, fun, and light hearted for kids to learn about their world, earth science, life skills and health, try some of Planetpals activities!
Learn More About Planetpals Lessons for Distance Learning

If you need resources that are inspiring, fun, and light hearted for kids to learn about their world, earth science, life skills and health, try some of Planetpals activities!  They stand the test of time, are unique and playful.  Just what we need in these days of emotional turmoil and a complete turn around in what our school day is.

For one, Check out Planetpals Resources for health ideas, safety tips, exercise and the importance of healthy tips that work for this strange new world.

Distance Learning Remote Learning Resources
Buy PP Healthy Lifestyle Lesson

Amuse them with Planetpals eco tips that cover a multitude of wordly topics with punny and funny playfulness. and work for any age!

Distance Learning Remote Learning Resources Eco friendly Ecology Earth Themes
Get PP Flash Cards

Our Earth and environmental lessons are informative, fascinating and clever, not to mention, have been successful in education for decades.

Distance Learning Remote Learning Resources Eco friendly Ecology Earth Themes
See All of Planetpals Lessons

There's lots more so check out Planetpals TPT Store.