Friday, July 31, 2015

The Orphan Works Act Could Change The Life of Every Artist, Writer and Photographer.

The Orphan Works Act Could Change The Life of Every Artist, Writer and Photographer.

So, you think the proposed Orphan Works Act doesn't affect you?  If you are creative and you have work out there, you are susceptible.  

Time is running out!

Take some time to learn about the ORPHAN WORKS ACT with these links:
Writers, Artists, Photographers!  

Spread the word.  Educate your friends.  Share these images with your colleagues. 
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Respect Copyrights by Judith Gorgone
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Respect Copyrights by Judith Gorgone
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Respect Copyrights by Judith Gorgone
Please Share This!

UPDATE! 8/8/15

They (USPTO and Congress) got so many letters from Artists and Photographers that they are going to post them and allow comments until OCT 1! Make sure you support it by commenting or writing!!!! ---->

According to Joan Beiriger "there are two separate issues that the copyright office has extended the deadlines. One is commenting on the letters that artists submitted and the second is writing letters (comments) to the copyright office about their proposed 5 year pilot program in looking for the best way to handle orphan images. Both deadlines are in October."

Go to the © OFFICE read more

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Monday, July 27, 2015

What's In A Blue Moon?

Here we go again ... Another moon this month 

What's In A Blue Moon?

Blue Moons Are Rare.

Friday July 28 is the last full moon until 2018!

What is a Blue Moon?

There are 2 meanings to a Blue Moon: 
  1. The term BLUE MOON has traditionally referred to an 'extra' moon, where a year which normally has 12 moons has 13 instead. 
  2. The 'blue moon' reference is also applied to the 2nd moon when two moons occur in one month.

A Colorful Topic:

The Blue Moon is a topic for many songs among them  "Blue Moon" by Billie holiday 1945 and "Blue, Blue , Blue, Blue Moon" rerecorded by the Marcells.

"Once in a  Blue Moon" is a saying used to describe a long stretch of time or an event that is rare.

Is the Moon really blue?

There are two definitions of a Blue Moon in astronomy; both are a type of full moon. If the moon actually looks blue, it's caused by a rare type of dust in the atmosphere.

Learn more about the Full Moon Names,  Moon Phases and Moon Facts at

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time To Celebrate July Is A Two Moon Month

The July 2015 Moon:

We celebrate two moons this month!

The first full moon is Wednesday July 1, 10:20 pm EST and is known as the “Buck Moon. The second moon of July is Friday July 31st 6:43 am EST and is known as the “Blue Moon”…other names for the July Moon are Ripe Corn Moon, Summer Moon, Ghost Moon, Crane Moon, Rose Moon, Mead Moon and Moon of Mid Summer.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle The Art of the Recycled VW Exterior

VW Exteriors: Talk about anything goes...anything is possible! 
The art and restoration of Vintage VW's-  Outside and In. So many cool ideas!

Vw dream cars with creative restorations that will make you smile on and off the road. 

Here are some unique recycle ideas for VW Exteriors, painted and otherwise,  that will make you wish you owned one! 

What can I say!  A Classic from Florida
Tye Dye to dye for!
Painted with Black board paint from Stacy Lynn.  Allows  others experience their VW.  Ever changing! 
Alla 60's a painted VW  with Flower Power
Another all original ...Many owners want it that way   
Alla "60's" Mid Century style...with accessories to match 

Love Boat Style

Alla "now" the graffiti look
The Geometric 

Another Chalkboard painted car--allowing creativity and interaction. Great fun for show cars 
Flower Power in the garden!   
Another remake...Alla "Monster Car"...the Monster Van 
Creative recycling,  making your own model   

2 in one...a Bug trailer upcycle, pulled by a matching van. Sweet!
Vrrrrrrooom....The VW Bike...Now that's inventive!  
Bring it in!  The Vw Pool Table 
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Friday, June 12, 2015

The Art And Restoration Inside Vintage VW's

More Flower Power To You VW!The art and restoration of Vintage VW's- So many cool ideas!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love VW's and events that display them! Whether it's the  VW Transport Fest in Boston,  Busses and Balloons in New Mexico or The VDub Hippiefest in Tarpon Springs, one thing is apparent, and that is, that every one of these old VW's has been saved from a landfill.
At every old car show you see vehicles in every stage of transformation, from totally reconditioned to original shabby chic. 
I love that people have found and rescued many of them and very creatively given them a new life. 

Oh, and did I say, that the VW's are fun and make you smile?  Just think of Fillmore, the 1960 VW Bus, in the movie Cars. 
Vw owners are particularly creative with their restorations. Partly because it's a playful car and partly because the parts are often hard to come by, so they have to be!   Here are some unique upcycle ideas that will not only bring you back in time, but put a smile on your face.  You may even  find some of them useful.

VW Interiors: Fun or funky,  happy faces or peace symbols. upcycle or recycle,  anything goes.

Alla "Smileys" vintage happy faces ...what could be more cheerful!

Alla "50's" ... The checkerboard diner look ..from socks off to sock hops

Iphone holders were not a thing of the past...but we need them now.  A clever one.

Wine Case holders cut at an angle make great storage options.

Burlap coffee bags line doors...Mexican seat covers ..Juan Valdaez would love this!

Peace and  Love and Tie Dye ... a Hippie Dream come true.

Polka dot heaven cute is this?

Clean and crisp ... a tailored look on these redone door panels.

The designer look ..rolled pillows and matching drapes on this Westfalia Weekender
 Table redo using bar coasters...why not try it with show stickers or travel decals!  

Clever much needed storage options customize  this camper 

Match it up with useful 50's and 60's collectables. Why buy new. 

Show off your personality and favorite colors.  Make it homey! 
VW Exteriors: Talk about anything goes...anything is possible! 

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