Monday, May 4, 2015

To Play Pley Or Not To Play - A Review

Pley Review-a Lego Subscription Sevice.

Recycling Legos - What a great idea!

When we heard about Pley we were so excited!  What a great idea to recycle Legos because there are so many sets and pieces that can accumulate!  This idea was not only Earth friendly, but cost saving, because conceivably, you could get about 3-4 sets a month.

Being Planetpals, it was a perfect idea for our Grandchildren. A lesson on recycling.  So, for an upcoming Birthday we ordered a subscription. You can imagine how excited my Grandson was that he had all those Legos coming. He couldn't wait!

Wait he did,  many months.  

Because that first anticipated set did not arrive.  So, I called the company.  I couldn't reach a human being.  Simultaneously, I emailed them.  I got an email advising me that there was a big Christmas backlog (his birthday was early November) and that they would be sending a set as soon as possible and giving me a credit for that first free month.  The set finally came, two months late. My grandson made it as soon as he could, then sent it back to get another set. Well, the second set never arrived.  Not for Christmas, not for New Years.

When I contacted them again, I asked to stop my subscription. I told them that my grandson was experiencing too much disappointment because he was waiting and the sets were not coming, and that was not how I wanted a gift from me to be.  

Another disappointing thing was the email i received back.  Pley told me that I would have to continue to pay my subscription because there was no way out, and if I didn't want my grandson to continue with the subscription,  I could transfer to some other kid.  What?  

So, I called the credit card company and put a block on Pley because they refused to cancel it.  They did and told me I will be given a complete credit. Whew.

Next billing cycle. I receive one credit, and one charge.  Upon calling the credit card company, I am told that Pley contested the subsequent refund! 

For us Pley was a "No More Play"

We no longer wait for Pley to arrive, but I have since read many reviews and many comments on blogs. Many parents, like us, not only thought Pley was a good recycling idea, but the idea of getting several sets a months for one fee appealed to many, too. 

But that is not the case when sets were not delivered on timely manner or at all, and in many cases parts were missing once or more than once.  Those that contacted PLEY often received the same responses we did and a non concern from the company.

What to do?

Why not exchange Legos with friends

If you are like us and love the idea of recycling Legos and giving them extended life, but don't want to get into a negative and costly situation, perhaps you can start a Legos swap group among friends and neighbors or even at school. If you don't want to keep all those sets around, donate them to a school or organization when you are finished with them.  You can achieve the same thing.  Here's how to have a swap.

Why not re-use those Legos for other things!

Our Legos board on Pinterest is chock full of great ideas (over 300 of them!) for all those lego parts.  Check them out…But beware: your kids will have to use their imagination!

Wow over 300 diy lego ideas you can make