Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just Bead It - Mardi Gras Beads Crafts

Our Best Collection of Mardi Gras, Gasparilla, Carnivale Recycle Crafts Even You Can do.

Getting the loot is a hoot but now what?

Events like Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Gasparilla in Tampa are a lot of fun.  But it adds up to tons of waste. Much of that is plastic beads that end up in a landfill.

Oh, but it was so much fun!

Yes, you went to a celebration and you got a neckful of the dangles.  Now what do you do when you get home?  This article has some information where you can send or bring your beads.  But, perhaps you would like a momento of that fun day. What can you do with those beads so you can keep the memory around a long time?
Here are a plentitude of fun craft ideas, even you can do, with just a glue gun and your bead collection.


Cover a plant pot or any other container. Use Christmas Colors for Christmas, Hanukah colors for Hanukah, Orange and black for Halloween. Red and pinks for Valentine's, and so on.  Make everyday pots for all your plants.

Add a little sparkle to your front door or dorm room with your initials. Make a plaque.
A holiday themed mosaic.  This one is mardi gras...why not a pirate for Gasparilla, or a santa or Christmas. 
This is one of my favorites.  Simple and elegant, bead coasters. Certainly a the conversation piece for your next party.

A bead wreath. Too simple.  Just wrap a wrath from the craft store.  Leave it plain...add a bow..add other baubles. Any holiday will do!

No brainer.  Dress up any clear glass vase or jar with beads.  Match a room, or a holiday. 
Wrap a wine bottle.  Turn it into a vase.
This is a rather elaborate skull.  A sculpture of any kind! 
Lastly, wrap an old lamp or vase to recycle and upcycle.

What else can you do with beads? 

  • Make a bead curtain
  • Line plant pots for drainage
  • Bead your Christmas Tree
  • Adorn wrapped gifts
  • Make Jewelry 
  • Dress a holiday table
  • Make place cards
  • Cover a frame
  • Make a costume
  • Make a work of art

Remember, Waste Not 

Plastic does not biodegrade in the landfill for hundreds of years! Please discard beads responsibly.  Find a grade school,artists resource center or senior center that might want to make crafts out of your extra beads.  There are reclamation centers. List them on freecycle or craigslist. Someone will be grateful to have them for their art!
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