Friday, October 17, 2014

You Autumn Love These Upcycled Scarecrows

Scarecrows made from recycled materials that are not scarey at all!
Scarecrows go as far back as the Egyptians.  Originally used to frighten away hungry quail along the Nile. Farmers have been using them to deter local birds from eating their crops ever since.
Drive around the USA in the Fall and you will see scarecrows adorning yards and gardens galore!  It's one way to save Earth while protecting it with these unique and imaginitive creatures of decor. Made from a myriad of recycled materials, these colorful protectors are a delight to see everywhere you go.
Why not scare up some recycled materials, outdated clothing, or natural objects and DIY one for your yard this Fall, too!
We have collected a lot of unscarey scarecrow ideas to inspire you:
Log on for this one 

Plant one 

Vintage Lady

Wood you love this? 

This one's name is Rusty 

Stick Man 

    Stick Man's Wife? 

Tennis Anyone? 
This guys on Pots  

Water you thinking? 

 Can you do this one?

Trash Man

Doing the Can Can 

Free as a bird! 

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