Saturday, May 10, 2014

How To Make A Fairy Garden With Found and Natural Objects

The Fun and Fantasy Of A Fairy Garden

Make a fairy garden with your kids or grandkids.  It's a simple recipe to teach them about gardening and recycling at the same time, not to mention a chance to share.

This creative project is perfect for the home or the classroom. It allows children to use their imagination and ingenuity to create a world based on any theme.  Fairy gardens can be made around many themes such as folklore, storybook, circus, camping and more.

All you need to know is how to grow moss, or  grow flowers that work well in a fairy garden, for your particular environment (shady spaces, sunny spaces etc), and lastly, gather ideas to make cottages, furniture and other objects for your magical world.

What fun it can be to create items from natural objects such as acorns and twigs, and recycled objects like buttons and bottle caps.  The sky is the limit! Pile it mile high, work it around your flower beds or make it in a container. Then add gates and swings and create signage.  It's your own little world of fun and fantasy.  Perfect for tiny hands and one kids will never forget.

We love this project because it's not only innovative, it's a great way to recycle, repurpose and reuse!

Where do you get things to put in your garden? Get crafty! Get creative!

We suggest you consider recycling and repurposing any of these objects to make items for your fairy garden:

Natural Objects-
  • shells, coral and sand dollars
  • small stones
  • twigs
  • acorns
  • gourds
  • pine cones
  • pine needles
  • berries
  • pods
  • nut shells
  • seeds and pits
  • feathers
  • small flowers
  • moss
  • small plants, succulents and cacti
  • wood
  • nests
  • dried flowers
  • old hives (careful!)

Found Objects-
  • buttons
  • thread spools
  • thimbles
  • bottle caps
  • small bottles, cans and tins
  • k-cups, fruit cups, and yogurt cups
  • popsicle sticks
  • beads
  • small toys
  • old game parts
  • dollhouse items
  • china pieces
  • sea glass
  • glass garden pebbles
  • wire
  • thread and twine
  • burlap and fabric scraps
  • onion bag mesh or net
  • lace
  • small plates and cups
  • miniature frames
  • miniatures

Check out Planetpals Fairy Garden Board on Pinterest, It's loaded with imaginative and unique ideas and alternatives to making your own DIY Fairy garden a wonderland!

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