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Saturday, March 28, 2020

During Social Distancing and Distance Learning Why Not Nature Journal!

Journals can be a great learning experience all year long

Nature Journals can be a great learning experience all year long - Learn how to make one!
For links to these projects go to Planetpals Pinterest Nature Journal Board

What better learning experience is there than to document nature's splendor, with a nature diary! It's a great project for any age including kids!  Anyone can draw, write, record and photograph what they see.

Any season is a season for Journaling; 

Spring means outdoors for many who have cooped up all winter, like birds and bugs, trees and plants.   Summer is a time for thriving for many plants and animals, caring for their young, plants blooming and harvesting.  As well, Autumn harvests and the storing and shedding of animals and plants.  Winter is time for hibernation and wild weather patterns. Let's face it, all year long nature evolves, the skies not only change through the seasons, but change day and night, as do the tides. 

The changing seasons are a perfect time to think of Journaling.  

Journaling is a wonderful pastime and an educational hobby. With the changing season comes changes in nature. You can track the seasons of trees and flowers.  You can track nature's life cycles like that of a butterfly from and egg to a caterpillar to a full grown butterfly. You can watch animals come out of, or prepare and go into, hibernation.

Things you can record in a Journal:

Learn to look for patterns in nature such as heart shaped leaves, camouflage or repetitive patterns. Find nests and cocoons, take photos of changing leaves, sprouting flowers and new blossoming plants. Watch gardens grow and the changing seaside.  Learn what different species eat, which ones are endangered,  and learn about the food chain. Collect different kinds of natural species or their parts such as shells or barks from trees. Or simply find the beauty in any natural thing!

Here is a list of additional ideas for a Seasonal Journal:
  • Color in Nature
  • Art in Nature
  • Anatomy and Architecture
  • Planted Seedlings
  • Budding and Blooming Flowers
  • Budding and Blooming Trees
  • Birds and Nests
  • Bugs and Insects
  • Cacoons and Bee Hives
  • Hybernation and Habitats
  • Otters and Damns
  • Breeding and Birth
  • Sky and Clouds
  • Changing Leaves
  • Collecting bark, leaves, insects or shells
  • More 
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How to document in your Journal:
  • Draw
  • Paint
  • Photograph
  • Write Stories
  • Write Poems
  • Write Haiku
  • Describe Objects
  • Color Match
  • Collect specimens
  • Save seeds
  • Collect images from magazines
  • Decorate

How to make a Scrapbook:
  • Buy a notebook or scrapbook
  • Use any kind of paper
  • Use paper 
  • Use cloth
  • Recycle papers, scraps and bags
  • Recycle cardboard

See many more ideas and download helpers here:
Download Planetpals Free Nature Diary FREE Here.

Be a Planetpal!  Come up with some natural ideas and recycle ideas you can use in your journal and share it with us!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Things To Do If You Are In Quarantine

Oh my, this is really a game changer.

Now that social distance and distance learning are the buzz words of the day. 

If you are housebound with cabin fever and in quarantine during this social distancing due to Coronavirus,  COVID-19 pandemic, here are some ideas for you and your family! 
  • Play board games. Fun for you! And perfect if you have kids!
  • Play yard games: Check this link out, 16 Classic yard games You can play with kids.
  • Go to the museum. How? There are 12 famous museums you can tour online!
  • Go for an adventure: Take a ride and pack a picnic! You won't be eating out and picnics are fun. Pack some goodies.
  • Nature Journal Get outside or learn inside in books. Learn about nature, document it, draw it, write about it! Get our free Nature Diary.
  • Craft! Try a new craft or do an old one. Always wanted to learn the camera? Knit? Paint? Learn Calligraphy? Craft with kids, too!
  • Take a Class.  Online Education is available all over the internet. Check the major Colleges links.
  • Watch Videos.  A Movie you wanted to see?  How about some educational videos online. Both are available from your local library online access to places like Overdrive and Hoopla.
  • Clean. How about Spring cleaning early?
  • Write: Been wanting to write more Poems or Start that book?
  • Catch up on reading. Try your local library online sources
  • Cook! How many recipes have you saved that you thought might be delicious!
  • Start a new house project.  Been wanting to paint the bedroom? Re-arrange the Playroom? 
  • Learn about Earth, Get ready for Earthday on
  • Get some Educational Activities on Teachers Pay Teachers or Amped Up Learning 
  • Take this time to contact old friends, family and make memories with your own.

Whatever you do, be safe, be squeaky clean and use diligence.

Stay Healthy Pals!

Learn about Earth!

Get some educational activities Teachers Pay Teachers or Amped Up Learning !