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Friday, March 13, 2020

Things To Do If You Are In Quarantine

Oh my, this is really a game changer.

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Now that social distance and distance learning are the buzz words of the day. 

If you are housebound with cabin fever and in quarantine during this social distancing due to Coronavirus,  COVID-19 pandemic, here are some ideas for you and your family! 
  • Play board games. Fun for you! And perfect if you have kids!
  • Play yard games: Check this link out, 16 Classic yard games You can play with kids.
  • Go to the museum. How? There are 12 famous museums you can tour online!
  • Go for an adventure: Take a ride and pack a picnic! You won't be eating out and picnics are fun. Pack some goodies.
  • Nature Journal Get outside or learn inside in books. Learn about nature, document it, draw it, write about it! Get our free Nature Diary.
  • Craft! Try a new craft or do an old one. Always wanted to learn the camera? Knit? Paint? Learn Calligraphy? Craft with kids, too!
  • Take a Class.  Online Education is available all over the internet. Check the major Colleges links.
  • Watch Videos.  A Movie you wanted to see?  How about some educational videos online. Both are available from your local library online access to places like Overdrive and Hoopla.
  • Clean. How about Spring cleaning early?
  • Write: Been wanting to write more Poems or Start that book?
  • Catch up on reading. Try your local library online sources
  • Cook! How many recipes have you saved that you thought might be delicious!
  • Start a new house project.  Been wanting to paint the bedroom? Re-arrange the Playroom? 
  • Learn about Earth, Get ready for Earthday on
  • Get some Educational Activities on Teachers Pay Teachers or Amped Up Learning 
  • Take this time to contact old friends, family and make memories with your own.

Whatever you do, be safe, be squeaky clean and use diligence.

Stay Healthy Pals!

Learn about Earth!

Get some educational activities Teachers Pay Teachers or Amped Up Learning !