Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Think Inside The Box To Make A Costume

It's time for costumes and what could be easier than making one with a simple box?

We found some really great ideas out there using discarded boxes. It's a great way to practice the "R's", recycle and reuse.
Here are our picks:

The Hot Air Balloon.  You can also make one with a single helium balloon. ( A Large balloon for a kid, a weather balloon for an adult)
Houses of any kind! Play House, Bird House, Dog House, Your House
The I pod, why not an Ipad, TV, Radio, Computer? 
The Lego.  There are loads of variations on this.  Use large bottle caps instead of cups, a large plastic container painted yellow to be a Lego People. 
Robots. You can use a slew of recycled materials for this one.  Bottle caps, cups, cans, etc. 
The Vehicle Costume.  You can be any of the following: School Buses, truck, car, plane, race car, etc. For a school bus carry a lunch bag!

Your favorite product!  I love the crayon box.  But you can also be a toy, a cereal, a juice box, your favorite food package.
Rubics Cube.  This one is for two.  You can make a single one person cube also.

Clever and timely, too!  A Ballot Box. Do this election or a past historical one...why not run yourself!

Love these ideas, too.  Great tutorial!
recycle costume
All credits and costume how to's can be found here on Planetpals Pinterest Recycle Costumes Board. 
Want to be green?  Make a trash bin costume From Planetpals instructions to make these recycle bins
For more costume ideas visit our Halloween Post for Recycle Costumes and Planetpals Pinterest Recycle Costumes Board which is always Updated . 
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