Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Recycle Ideas That Are O So Sweet!

Halloween sure can leave us with a lot of things to recycle!  There are costumes, pumpkins, trick or treat bags, pails and of course bags full of candy wrappers.
Here are some fun ideas and creative crafts to help you use the 4"R"s after Halloween.
Recycle Costumes:
  • Save it for next year 
  • Give it away to a costume swap, thrift or friend
  • Kids costumes can be used again for dress up play 
  • Stuff it and use it as a decoration in the yard next year
  • Sell it!
Recycle Candy Wrappers Crafts:
How to recycle candy wrappers
Candy Wrapper Recycle Craft

Candy wrapper craft ideas that are oh so sweet!
Candy wrapper craft ideas that are oh so sweet!
Recycle Pumpkins 
Halloween Candy Bags and Pails
  • Reuse them for next year's trick or treating
  • Give them to away to a thrift, friend, swap
  • Use them for decoration next year 
  • Use Pails as containers for small toys 
  • Use them as next years festive Halloween party containers and planters
  • Use bags to shop
Recycle Halloween items

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