Sunday, July 1, 2018

Play In A Bottle, Recycled That Is!

10 Recycle Toys To Make From Plastic Bottles
It's time for outdoors! Bottles seem to be everywhere.  Water bottles, juice bottles, energy drink bottles, milk bottles, soda bottles, and they all need to be recycled.  
We prefer that you bring your own bottle, and use reusable containers to save the landfill.  But, we know that is not always possible.
Next time you have a plastic bottle that needs to be recycled, why not make a recycle toy for, or with, your kids.
Teach them engineering, science, and ingenuity by making some of these clever toys.  These ideas are great for the beach, home or while camping. You can further teach about nature by filling bottles with natural objects such as shells and sand or just make a game.
Here are some fun and favorite DIY ideas from your Planetpals to make creative use of Plastic Bottles. What other toys can you think up using bottles?  

From Parents Magazine The Bottle Bowling Set.  Fill with sand or water.
From Lillaa - Wonder in a Bottle. Filled with a myriad of items.  Make sure the lid is tight!
From Habitat Bottle Cars and Trucks-Use any kind of bottle or jug including a water bottle.
From Increations Bottle Binoculars
From Red Ferret Bottle Catamaran Boat
From Momma Librarian - I Spy Bottles filled with sand or rice and small toys or natural objects.
From Flicker - Bottle of fun.  Like the I spy bottle, fill with small items, think about adding water and colored oils.
From Eco Friend -The bottle Soaker for Squirting Fun!
The Bottle Rocket from No Time For Flash Cards
from Ziggety Zoom Bottle Fish 

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