Saturday, December 26, 2015

January 2019 With The Full Wolf Moon Comes A Spectacular Total Lunar Eclipse!

We Start this New Year with a Full Wolf Moon Surprise. A Total Eclipse on January 20 and 21.

According to the full moon of January, called the Wolf Moon, will occur in the U.S. just after midnight on the night of January 20-21, and viewers in the Americas, northwestern Europe and even the Arctic will be treated to a lunar eclipse

January's full moon in the sign of Leo at 0 Degrees.  Times vary depending where you live.  Complete viewing list can be found here The Ancient Full moon names for January are the Ice Moon, Rainbow Moon, Winter Moon, Blood Moon, Fish Moon, Cold Moon, Cooking Moon, Wolf Moon, and the Moon of the Terrible.

Everything you need to know to view an eclipse safely

Go here for a complete list of full moon names and the cultures that named them. 

Learn more about the Full Moon Names,  Moon Phases and Moon Facts at Planetpals!Go here to learn about Moon Phases.
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Happy Viewing!