Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten Ways To Make Your Summer Camping Experience Greener

It's summer and to many that means camping trips!

Go Camping Greener! Eco friendly camping ideas and tips
You can be a Planetpal when you go camping!
For a lot of people camping is a lifestyle and to others, this year in particular,  it's an economical way to take the family on a vacation.
According to the UK Telegraph "Nearly double the number of holiday makers are considering a camping holiday this summer as the recession forces people to cut back on expensive holidays". 
Camping can be fun and green, too! Involve the whole family. Read How
Camping can be fun and green, too! 
So, whether you are a first time camper or lifelong lover of the camping experience, these ten ideas will help you make that camping trip greener, cleaner and more natural:
  1. Repurpose items. Be creative! Make a sleeping bag liner from old sheets, a tent catch all from a multi pocket shoe bag, a water container from a juice bottle. Use your imagination!
  2. Give new life to old objects. Reuse various items from home inventory: Pots and pans,  silverware, towels etc  (see the camp kitchen below)
  3. Be thrifty!  Hunt for camping gear at yard sales, thrift shops, on freecycle or the swap shop at your town recycle center. People often disgard great camping equipment and useful items they no longer need. 
  4. Give your old tent, canvas and camper textiles a new life by steam cleaning or fabric freshener (ie: Fabreeze, ammonia and  water, other solutions) to freshen them up! 
  5. Whether travelling in an RV or by car use greener GAS saving tips to save on the trip drive
  6. Be a camping minimalist: Go greener by using less propane, electric or water in your RV and while camping
  7. Use reusable containers, dishware and silverware instead of disposable ones.  Have the kids wash them out after meals-Make it part of the camping experience!
  8. Forgoe the portable TV!  Tell stories by the campfire, play board games or read a classic book aloud
  9. Toss the junk food!  Plan more natural meals.  Try grilling fish you catch or fruits and veggies you grow.  Make it all part of the natural experience. Why not have everyone think up a recipe to try!
  10. When you leave, leave a "no trace" campsite! That means pack plenty of trash bags and use the campground's trash and recycle bins diligently.  Make one of these handy recycle trash bag holders for your tent or RV.
Whatever you do, care for your natural surroundings and they will stay that way for you to enjoy for years to come. 
DIY Camper Kitchen Chuck Box
DIY Camper Kitchen Chuck Box © planetpals.com
Recycle Finds:  We found this old camper kitchen (chuck box) and repainted it, put new handles, hooks and a folding paper towel holder!  Now, it's good for another 30 years.  See what you can find and what you can think up to make your camping experience greener , more functional and more fun!
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