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Monday, May 25, 2020

DIY No Sew Cut Out Face Mask

DIY Mask 

Now that Coronavirus terms like social distance, stay safe, six feet away are the new normal,  masks are a an adornment, as well as a necessity. 

Why not try this clever one piece mask!
  Clever one piece no sew mask!

It's socially responsible to wear a mask to help protect others as well as ourselves.

Whether you want to make your own fashionable masks, need a last minute mask, or just want to get crafty, here is a simple, no sew, one piece, cut out mask you can do all by yourself. I suggest a flexible jersey fabric.  But it works on many fabrics. Best with stretchable materials. Why not Re-use and repurpose a T shirt! 

These masks are washable, too and can be reused!

Just download this FREE Mask template now: (includes instructions!)
Download Template: Clever one piece no sew mask!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Spread Cheer Not Virus - Keep Your Distance Coronavirus Pandemic Humor

Coronavirus, coronavirus caution, coronavirus safety tips, covid, covid-19, health, pandemic, pandemic tips, precautions, safety, social distance, social distancing, virusDo You Need To Humor Yourself And Others?

We have plenty of humor for you to send during this Pandemic. 
Created by Planetpals artist Judith Gorgone.

Available on Greeting Card Universe.  Did you know you can have cards sent to you? You can also pick them up at places like Target...but be careful and keep your distance! We want to spread cheer but not virusAvailable on products and t shirts at Redbubble . 

Pandemic Cards / Pandemic Products
Designs © artist Judith Gorgone

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Check out these Pandemic CARDS 




Pandemic Cards / Pandemic Products
More designs available!