Saturday, December 26, 2015

Make Your New Year Resolution To Be Green

It's A New Day It's A New Way!

Whether you, your friends and family celebrate Western New Year, Chinese New Year, Islamic New Year, Hindu New Year or Jewish New Year, the New Year means new beginnings. Why not make that new beginning a little greener?
The world celebrates and Planetpals Green New Year Guide helps them do it right!
So, no matter which New Year you celebrate, Planetpals Green New Year Guide is a treasure trove of green ideas, tips, crafts, gifts, food and fun facts to help you celebrate on New Year's and Every day after that.
Learn how your neighbors and people of the world celebrate.  Make a recycle craft, gift or decoration.  Create some delicious and healthy food art.  Have a greener party.  There's all this and more.
happy new year pals 

What's There for the New Year:

  • About Western New Year
  • About Chinese New Year
  • About Islamic New Year
  • About Hindu New Year
  • About Jewish New Year

Other New Year Fun and Trivia
  • New Years Recycle Crafts
  • New Year Edible Food Crafts
  • Say Happy New Year in Any Language
  • Say Happy new Year in Pig Latin
  • New Years Resolution-Be Green
  • Season's Greenings! E tips
  • Remember Recycle That Christmas Tree
  • Recycle - Donate Cards to St Judes
  • Make a Gift-Recycle Crafts
  • Yearly Eco Calendar Events and Celebrations Worldwide
  • Send a New Year Card to a Friend
  • What to do with outdated calendars

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