Monday, October 19, 2015

Eco Friendly Halloween Tips That Are A Howl

Eco Friendly Halloween Tips That Are A Howl
Halloween is fun and games, but it isn't just about getting candy, bobbing for apples and winning prizes for costumes. This Halloween think about helping others while helping the planet. Practice the 3 "r"s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Here are some quick tips from Planetpals to help you share and care:
.      Share your candy with a less fortunate friend.
.      Have your class collect donations for a good cause.
.      Make your costume out of recycled materials such as cardboard, cans, paper, old clothes or tin foil.
.      Think of ways you can recycle or reuse the candy wrappers and candy bags.
.      Have a Green Halloween Party
.      Have a costume swap
.      Have some healthy Halloween food with friends and classmates
.      Decorate making recycled crafts
.      Recycle your pumpkin, by making delicious dishes and drying the seeds. You can find plenty of recipes for these!
.      Donate your costume and decorations to a thrift shop or swap shop when Halloween is over.
.      Save your decorations to use again next year.
.      You're only limited by your imagination! Maybe you can think of more ideas!

All this and more ideas, tips, costumes, crafts on Planetpals complete GREEN HALLOWEEN GUIDE 
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