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Cloth Napkins Are A Greener Choice (And Did We Say More Creative?)

Napkin Folding Ideas For The Holidays.

Napkin Folding Ideas For The Holidays.
If you are eco conscious, cloth napkins can be a better alternative to paper products for the table. Make your table greener and more festive this holiday with folded napkins. Buy them new, or better yet, buy or use an heirloom. 
I love cloth napkins, it's a little like playing house, and I tend to use them even on picnics! The fact that they are green is a plus.  While looking for alternative ways to fold them, I found some great holiday ideas that are colorful and clever to help you make your table setting one that your holiday guests will never forget!

From A Big Slice The Christmas Tree Napkin Fold
use napkins it's echo friendly - how to napkin fold christmas tree
How to napkin fold Christmas tree 
From Good Housekeeping The Elf Hat napkin fold (why not a Santa Hat?) 
Elf Hat or Red Santa Hat For Christmas 
The Christmas Bow folded napkin from Tip Junkie can be fun for a dinner party or New Years Eve black tie tablesetting:
Folding napkins is eco friendly and fun - Holiday Ideas
Bow tie napkin fold for a dinner party, Father's day or New Years Eve
From  Dobermans By The Sea an Alternative Christmas Tree Idea.  Fold the top down and you have a Hanukkah Dradle Napkin!  
Folding napkins is eco friendly and fun - Holiday Ideas
A Christmas Tree-or Tada! Fold this down it makes Dradle for Hanukah.
From Food dot Com another bow Idea.  This one uses a napkin ring. 
Folding napkins is eco friendly and fun - Holiday Ideas
Another bow. Perfect for Christmas, holidays, or gift giving event like a birthday
From Random Acts of Mommies A Rosette.  How lovely is this for Valentines or Christmas?  
Folding napkins is eco friendly and fun - Holiday Ideas
Perfect Rose for an anniversary or mothers day or just to say ILU!

Wedding Bells a pointsettia fold
Poinsettia perfect for the holidays
from Video Jug a Heart Folded Napkin 
Use Cloth Napkins - It's Eco friendly and Fun - Napkin fold ideas for holidays
Say Ilu for Valentines Day or Anniversary
For other folds see the Napkin Folding Guide

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