Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Big Blue Very Green Cleanup

One Small Beach In Sandwich MA Gets Down To Earth

To many seaside dwellers, Spring cleaning means getting the neighborhood and beaches cleaned up from Winter debris and ready for Summer.  One such community is Sandwich Downs in East Sandwich MA.  

According to resident Bill Dewire they have held an annual beach cleanup every Spring for over a decade. They also have one after July 4th.  Each time it involves the neighbors, their children and friends who enjoy this beach year round.

The neighborhood association organizes a day each Spring and supplies the bags.  Residents come armed with shovels and rakes.

The beach cleanup is always a big success!  Many of the one hundred families participate, raking up seaweed and scouring the beach for unwanted trash and dangerous objects. They collect several dozen bags of waste. Among the endless collection of plastic they unearth bottle caps, toys, flip flops and one year, a four foot whale bone!

Year long,  the residents here are pretty diligent in picking up after themselves. A clean beach is important to all.  However, like any ocean community, things get misplaced and lost in the sand, boats passing by sometimes toss items overboard, and many things float in from neighboring towns.

Each section of this beach has an ample supply of recycle and trash bins as well as "doggie bags" at the boardwalks for everyone to use.  They also have abundant signage to remind everyone to be green and save the blue.  We think it's great!

We can all take part in year round maintenance of all our beaches and natural surroundings by doing our part.  Remember, the next time you are at the park or ocean, to use the bins provided, bring your own bags, be a PAL and keep your world clean!

Whether you are a beach goer or a boater, help keep our oceans littered with only seaweed, shells and stones :)

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