Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Door Stop Can Save A Life Or Many!

Sometimes you come a cross an idea that just blows you away.

We're all about a safe, clean, happy world here at Planetpals.  

Sadly, our small world has been plagues with big mass shootings. We all find ourselves wondering what we can do to stop senseless acts of violence as in the recent Mass Shootings such as Parkland Florida and Sandy Hook. We want to know our kids and grandkids are going to school and it's safe. But we cannot control what happens at school, in a mall, any public place.

So, today I saw this post.  It said:

"After the Sandy Hook shooting, I gave both my nieces this little door stop to always keep in their backpacks. It truly pained me when I handed it to them, and I didn’t want to scare them, but it was out of love and they understood. In light of the recent shooting, I wanted to share this with all parents...and ANYONE else for that get themselves one (I always carry mine in my purse). Sure it’s small, but it can be powerful in keeping you safe if you ever have to barricade yourself in a room. If a gunman shoots out the door lock it will still keep the door from opening and may just buy you some time. I’m really sad posting this but a security expert shared this tip with me so I wanted to pass it on. I pray no one ever has to use it "

Such a simple thing. Though many doors open out, many open in, such as restrooms and homes. It works in this case.Put one in your purse or in your kids backpack.  Hopefully, no one you know will ever have to use it.  Available at places the Dollar Tree!  

Every classroom in America should have some on the teachers desk! 

Join in on the conversation at Grandparents Against Gun Violence on FB.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lego Love for Valentines Day!

A Lego Creation Craft

We love Legos at Planetpals!  Why?  Because people never throw them away!  They get passed down from child to child and generation to generation. When you lose parts, you can make other things!  The creations are endless.

This is one of my favorite recycle crafts for Valentines Day or any day!  So, if you want to spread the love...give it a go.

This one was created by Max Shinohara in the 1st Grade. He loves to make recycle crafts and create things with his toys. His talents are endless.

Thanks Max.  We love you , too!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 2018 Pals!

Why #2018 May be A Spectacular Year! #HappyNewYear

It's 2018 Somewhere.

It's not just when the ball drops in NYC! 

Today New Years Starts in many places around the globe.  Find out here which country celebrates first and when every country starts the new year.

This is quite a special year, too!  

We start off with s SUPERMOON and then have a Blue Moon right after that.  

If this is any sign of what is to come, it should be a spectacular year.

We wish all our PALS a happy and healthy, green and clean New Year:

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Are You Dreaming Of A Green Christmas - We Are!

Well your dream has come true!  It's all right here in Planetpals Green Holiday Journal:

There's a Santa Bag Stuffed With Free Downloads, Crafts, Ideas, Decorating and Tabletop Solutions that are Eco Friendly, Natural, Greener and Free!

Lot's of DIY Ideas and crafts, natural alternatives, fun food and folly.  Every year the Christmas Journal has new articles and the best of yesteryear. Articles like how to make a christmas garland, how to make your own boxes, free exclusive downloadable activities.

So many ways to save and be green!:
A Santa Bag Stuffed With Free Downloads, Crafts, Ideas, Decorating and Tabletop Solutions that are Eco Friendly, Natural, Greener and Free! 

The Christmas Journal is a Christmas tradition for all our Pals!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Planetpals puts an 'E' in your Thanksgiving

15 great 'E'cology tips to help you make a greener world this holiday!

1.     When food and holiday shopping combine trips to save gas and energy
2.     Buy in bulk: Use large soda containers instead of many small cans.
3.     Bake your pies and dishes in reusable pans not disposable aluminum 
4.     Cook Many things in your oven at the same time to save energy
5.     Light a fire in the hearth to save on energy. Even better, make newspaper logs!
6.     Have a cooler with drinks for a large gathering-opening and closing the refridgerator let's the cold air out  and uses more energy
7.     Have  a designated Recycle Bin for guests Use Planetpals Free Recycle Sign
8.     Use cloth napkins, placemats and table covers. It not only makes the day more special, it saves paper!
9.     Make your own paper place cards and menus. Make them from your own handmade paper.  See Planetpals Paper Making Recipe.
10.  Make a delicious recipes from those decorative pumpkins, berries and gourds (yes, you can cook some varieties) after the holiday. Don't just throw them away!
11.  Recycle your decorations from year to year.
12.  Make decorations from recycled materials. this is a great craft for kids. 
13.  Make paper mache decorations such as paper mache pumpkins. They not only can be reused, you are reusing paper! See Planetpals Paper Mache Recipe.
14.  Make decorations from edibles such as fruit and cloves. The options are endless, just use creativity!  
15.  It takes a lot of energy to make new containers, paper products and packaging. Be diligent in recycling all your newspapers, cans, bottles, plastics, cardboard and other materials.
 Lastly, learn all kinds of eco friendly and fun Thanksgiving  tips, tricks and crafts - Read the Thanksgiving Journal.

Always Remember the 4 "R"s. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair!