Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Big Blue Very Green Cleanup

One Small Beach In Sandwich MA Gets Down To Earth

To many seaside dwellers, Spring cleaning means getting the neighborhood and beaches cleaned up from Winter debris and ready for Summer.  One such community is Sandwich Downs in East Sandwich MA.  

According to resident Bill Dewire they have held an annual beach cleanup every Spring for over a decade. They also have one after July 4th.  Each time it involves the neighbors, their children and friends who enjoy this beach year round.

The neighborhood association organizes a day each Spring and supplies the bags.  Residents come armed with shovels and rakes.

The beach cleanup is always a big success!  Many of the one hundred families participate, raking up seaweed and scouring the beach for unwanted trash and dangerous objects. They collect several dozen bags of waste. Among the endless collection of plastic they unearth bottle caps, toys, flip flops and one year, a four foot whale bone!

Year long,  the residents here are pretty diligent in picking up after themselves. A clean beach is important to all.  However, like any ocean community, things get misplaced and lost in the sand, boats passing by sometimes toss items overboard, and many things float in from neighboring towns.

Each section of this beach has an ample supply of recycle and trash bins as well as "doggie bags" at the boardwalks for everyone to use.  They also have abundant signage to remind everyone to be green and save the blue.  We think it's great!

We can all take part in year round maintenance of all our beaches and natural surroundings by doing our part.  Remember, the next time you are at the park or ocean, to use the bins provided, bring your own bags, be a PAL and keep your world clean!

Whether you are a beach goer or a boater, help keep our oceans littered with only seaweed, shells and stones :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tailor Made Father's Day Gifts From Recycled Materials

Planetpals Favorite Collection of Recycle Craft Ideas for Dad For Father's Day That Anyone Can Do!

Make Father's Day even more special with a talior made gift that can be fun or even useful as well as eco-friendly!
Tell a story about your father with a card that encompasses some of his favorite objects and photos.  Make a custom designed tool jar or fishing box. Award him a trophy for his special talents!  All these projects are doable at any age and for any level of expertise.
Have fun and be green! 
Fathers Day Recycle Crafts:
Simple idea-paint them one color or paint a design. Just an old tin (any size) and a handle.
toolbox tins
Lots of fun for any special person made from cups and paper rolls. "World's Best Mom" "World's Best Dad" "World's Best Brother" or "Best Soccer Player"."World's Best Planetpal" Possibilities endless and so cute!
recycle trophy cup
Start with recycled paper , card or make your own paper from recycled paper. Add mom or dad's favorite buttons, trinkets, trip mementos, old keys, tools, old jewelry and photographs. Make it meaningful.

recycle craft card

Many versions. Unique Ideas, how to instructions, samples. Make a treasure jar for holidays, mothers day, fathers day, everyday. Simple and Easy.

recycle jar craft 
A Key (Chain) That Will Stay Close to Dad's Heart!This one is shrinkydink. But use recycled materials, trace hand onto recycled paper or cardboard, reduce in a copier, then finish this great craft: Paint it. Decorate it. Laminate it. One hand for each of Dad's treasured kids
kids hand recycle keychain 
Dad Bags for Father's Day Lots of fun for any special mom and dad. (Add buttons, flowers and bows for mom). Make a gift and put it in a home made Bag. Try to use recycled materials to decorate your bag, too!
dad bags craft for fathers day
Patterns and ideas to make your own boxes from recycled boxes plus recycle gift wrap ideas
make ur own boxes 
For more Father's Day and Everyday recycle craft ideas such as paper mache, paper making, gardening etc go to Planetpals Craft Pages.  
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten Ways To Make Your Summer Camping Experience Greener

It's summer and to many that means camping trips!

Go Camping Greener! Eco friendly camping ideas and tips
You can be a Planetpal when you go camping!
For a lot of people camping is a lifestyle and to others, this year in particular,  it's an economical way to take the family on a vacation.
According to the UK Telegraph "Nearly double the number of holiday makers are considering a camping holiday this summer as the recession forces people to cut back on expensive holidays". 
Camping can be fun and green, too! Involve the whole family. Read How
Camping can be fun and green, too! 
So, whether you are a first time camper or lifelong lover of the camping experience, these ten ideas will help you make that camping trip greener, cleaner and more natural:
  1. Repurpose items. Be creative! Make a sleeping bag liner from old sheets, a tent catch all from a multi pocket shoe bag, a water container from a juice bottle. Use your imagination!
  2. Give new life to old objects. Reuse various items from home inventory: Pots and pans,  silverware, towels etc  (see the camp kitchen below)
  3. Be thrifty!  Hunt for camping gear at yard sales, thrift shops, on freecycle or the swap shop at your town recycle center. People often disgard great camping equipment and useful items they no longer need. 
  4. Give your old tent, canvas and camper textiles a new life by steam cleaning or fabric freshener (ie: Fabreeze, ammonia and  water, other solutions) to freshen them up! 
  5. Whether travelling in an RV or by car use greener GAS saving tips to save on the trip drive
  6. Be a camping minimalist: Go greener by using less propane, electric or water in your RV and while camping
  7. Use reusable containers, dishware and silverware instead of disposable ones.  Have the kids wash them out after meals-Make it part of the camping experience!
  8. Forgoe the portable TV!  Tell stories by the campfire, play board games or read a classic book aloud
  9. Toss the junk food!  Plan more natural meals.  Try grilling fish you catch or fruits and veggies you grow.  Make it all part of the natural experience. Why not have everyone think up a recipe to try!
  10. When you leave, leave a "no trace" campsite! That means pack plenty of trash bags and use the campground's trash and recycle bins diligently.  Make one of these handy recycle trash bag holders for your tent or RV.
Whatever you do, care for your natural surroundings and they will stay that way for you to enjoy for years to come. 
DIY Camper Kitchen Chuck Box
DIY Camper Kitchen Chuck Box ©
Recycle Finds:  We found this old camper kitchen (chuck box) and repainted it, put new handles, hooks and a folding paper towel holder!  Now, it's good for another 30 years.  See what you can find and what you can think up to make your camping experience greener , more functional and more fun!
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Friday, May 30, 2014

All Roads Lead To Healthy Biking

How and Where to Bike for a Healthier Planet and Healthier People: Tips, Aps, Routes, Safety, More

All roads lead to healthy biking with these bicycle, bike trip and safety tips
All roads lead to healthy biking with these bicycle, bike trip and safety tips
Recycle and Re-think Bicycle!

Friends and family that bike together are green to go

Biking is a great way to help Earth and help stay in shape.  It's also a great way to spend time with friends and family and instill good healthy habits in kids. Biking can be a fun filled family activity when you are camping, at the beach, on vacation or just about anytime.

Sometimes, however, it's hard to know where to bike safely. Google has a bike route app for just that! It helps you find local bike routes. 
So, whether you are home or someplace new, you can find a local bike map.  

Biking Everyday 

In many countries, such as Japan,  using bicycles for transportation is a norm. Many cities such as Paris and Boston have implemented Bike Share Programs  which allow you the freedom to get a bike without worrying about storage or transporting one.

You can also rent from private bike companies.  Just check online for the country of your choice.  Here are lists for finding bike rentals in USA and in Europe 
Did you know? 
  • Bicycles  displace over 238 million gallons of gasoline per year, by replacing car trips with bicycle trips
  • When Worldwatch Institute compared energy used per passenger-mile (calories), they found that a bicycle needed only 35 calories, whereas a car expended a whopping 1,860
  • Bicycles use 2% as much energy as cars per passenger-kilometer
  • Bicycles cost less than 3% as much to purchase
  • 6 to 20. bikes can be parked in a single car parking space in a paved lot
(Facts courtesy of
Bicycle Safety
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Wear Light or bright-colored clothing
  • Have reflectors
  • Install a horn or bell that can be heard up to 100-feet.
  • Ride in the right-most lane that goes with the direction or flow of traffic.
  • Signal your moves 
  • Beware of cars opening doors 
  • Re-think music player
  • Put the mobile phone on hold
  • Avoid busy streets -use designated routes and trails whenever possible
For more detailed info on these tips, such as how to make hand signals, check out this great article from the Baltimore Sun
Happy Biking! 
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All roads lead to healthy biking with these bicycle, bike trip and safety tips
Be a Planetpal Bike Healthy and Be Happy.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Patriotic Crafts That Are A Natural For Summer!

Make your holiday RED, WHITE, BLUE and GREEN!
Memorial day marks the beginning of the beach season, at least here in the Northeast.  It's a time when  families open up their summer homes and embrace the coming sun and sea.

If you are headed for one of those sandy beaches on Cape Cod, the Maine Coast or elsewhere, gather some stones and head home to make a patriotic craft you can enjoy all summer long for  Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

The lazy days of summer allow us the perfect time to do nature crafts.  
Enjoy the summer by taking part in the celebration in a crafty way!
Cape Cod is a stone's throw to sandy beaches where beach rocks, shells and driftwood are plentiful.  Add some paint and you have the perfect summer project!
See what we did! Painted shells and rock crafts are patriotic for Fourth of July and Simple!
Busy being patriotic and creative!
Ten neighborhood kids in Sandwich, MA decided to make painted rocks, shells and wood to sell in their lemonade stand to put towards their summer activity fund.  The project included children ages 5 to 13.  
It was a perfect way to start the summer and a patriotic holiday...and did I say a blast for Fourth of July?
summer nature crafts  painted flag rocks
Painted shells pieces and rocks make great flags! 
Painted shells and rock crafts are patriotic for usa
Stars and stripes decor for Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day any Patriotic Holiday
Painted shells and rock crafts are patriotic for usa
A fun craft for any age.
Painted shells and rock crafts are patriotic for usa
Kids can learn to take pride in their country and their work.
Painted shells and rock crafts are patriotic for usa
Almost ready for the holiday weekend.  
photos © planetpals  all rights reserved.
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