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Saturday, January 2, 2021

What To Do With Outdated Calendars

How to repurpose old calendars
Eco Friendly ideas for re-purposing old calendars
It's the end of the end of the year and that means that your calendar is now outdated! Unless, of course, you are using a perpetual calendar, it's time to let go.

If you are like many people, you probably hate to just toss your beloved calendar in the trash.  Perhaps it was given to you by someone special or on a topic you really adore. Yes, you enjoyed it for a whole year and now there must be something you can do with it!

Whether your calendar was on vintage posters, 50's cars, or travel to a favorite destination,  there are actually a few things you can do to save it from the trash heap: 
  • Frame it. Save your favorite images as wall art
  • Make a collage or decoupage using many images 
  • Make recycle ART.  Try rolled frames, mirror frames, beads, more
  • Make a book or journal
  • Make a picture morgue (library)
  • Use it for crafts such as bookmarks, gift tags, wrap and note cards
  • Save for scrapbooking projects
  • Use it as a birthday calendar to record friends and families birthdays
  • Donate it to freecycle, your book swap or your town swap shop (one man's trash is another's treasure)
  • If you are a teacher or program leader, collect them from parents, they are perfect for class projects
  • Use it another yearWhat years can you use 2014? Your 2014 calendar is reusable in: 2025, 2031, 2042, 2053, 2059, 2070, 2081, 2087, 2098, and 2110. What years can you re-use the 2015, 2016, Etc? Check any year: Visit this site and find out!
  • Put it in the recycle bin if all else fails.  Recycle
NOTE: There used to be an organization called "Calendars for Kids Recycle Project" but as far as I can see, it no longer exists.  If you know of another, let me know!  I am happy to pass it on.

And remember, if you get too many calendars as gifts  this year, pass them on to a friend or give them to a thrift.  Someone will be happy to use a new one! 

Speaking of calendars, Have a GREEN  Year! 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Cardboard Crafts...Just Imagine!

Rainy Day, Snowy Day, Any Day!  Recycle crafts are green.

recycle crafts, cardboard crafts
Max and Alexis Make Masterpieces

Be a Planetpal everyday and find ways to recycle and reuse things around the house.

Max and Alexis are great Planetpals...they are not only reusing, but creating masterpieces.  No matter what your age, you can, too!

Paint, crayons, paper, cardboard, anything goes.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Collage Class That's A Natural

Visit the park and make art from nature!

Artist and volunteer June Rubin teaches this creative and inspiring Collage Making workshop at Yosemite which is hosted by the Yosemite Conservancy.  This San Diego based artist hosts this on site classroom once a year. She is the artist in residence six  days a week.

The “Make Your Own Yosemite Collage” class is held in Yosemite Art Center in Yosemite National Park. Using mainly recycled papers and fabrics to create their own unique artworks artists are inspired by the natural beauty of Yosemite. 

Her class is a natural!  Not only is she teaching visitors to be a Planetpal by recycling paper and other materials into collages, but items vary on individual collages.  June says "We take a walk first in the park to make a sketch of Half Dome view. Classes this year were as small as 1 student, or up to 19. It was a blast!".

It makes you wish you could go to Yosemite and make one!  Like me, you Can't?  Check out Planetpals Collage Page on Pinterest.  

Do your own project!  Next time you go to the park, take photos, make a sketch, collect natural things like bark, leaves, acorns and feathers and use them in your collage or just use recycled papers like magazines, gift wrap, newspapers, and junk mail.  And of course, your imagination!

Learn more about June:

There are weekly creative sessions with a variety of artists at Yosemite, mostly painters. They mainly have watercolor classes, sometimes other mediums , as in Jun;es case. Classes are walk in and pre registered. Open to all ages. Supplies provided. 

Check out these photos from June's 2016 sessions held in October.  I'd say she was a big hit!

Students create collages from recycled paper!
Recycled paper and feathers found in the park 
A majestic scene of Yosemite park in recycled paper.
Yosemite memory as tall as trees.
Telling a story with paper, stickers, feathers - found items 
Happy Class showing off their collages- not one the same!
No matter what your age-this class is an inspiration!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Recycle Crafts For A Super Bowl Party

Score Big And Get Big Cheers For Your Football Bash!

Whether you are celebrating Super Bowl with a big group of friends or not, make it festive with some of these super recycle crafts and fun foods.  It's Planetpals best collection of recycle crafts and ideas for Superbowl and Football ever!

A Football field full of RaRaRa-Recycle ideas from Planetpals on Pinterest: