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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Pandemic Waste: With Coronavirus The Gloves & Wipes Waste Unimaginable

Covid 19 has our health system as well as all of us working backward. We are tossing materials out like mad for fear of contamination.

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Single-Use Unneccesary Disposal - What Can You Do? 
Coronavirus, coronavirus caution, coronavirus safety tips, covid, covid-19, health, pandemic, pandemic tips, precautions, safety, social distance, social distancing, virus

That doesn't just include hospitals using gloves and gowns, but individuals tossing single use gloves, masks, and wipes on a daily basis!  

Not only is it a recycle mess it's a social mess! People are afraid of the contaminants and just disposing of them everywhere. In shopping carts on the street, in the parking lots.

Hopefully, stores, businesses, gas stations, etc will place disposable recycle boxes outside their exit doors for gloves and wipes to help us recycle.  Gloves and wipes have to be disposed of differently than toilet paper or tissues. 

Here are a number of topics and solutions I found. Some solutions for small businesses and large and information guides: 

Recycle Disposable Wipes 
Recycle Gloves
Terracycle Disposable Boxes
Kimberly Clark Right Cycle 
Clean Hands Eco Friendly Alternatives

Be green! Think Clean EARTH. Be a Planetpal!

Sunday, November 3, 2019

How to Recycle Pumpkins After the Holidays

Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, what are the best ideas on Earth for recycling pumpkins?

The Greatest list for Earth Saving Ideas to reduce and reuse pumpkins:
  • Eat them! Pumpkins are high in Vitamin E and A and Fiber so make a healthy Pumpkin recipe...Yum.
  • Eat the seeds, dry them. Another Yum!
  • Compost them in your garden compost
  • Give them away. Offer them to a neighbor or friend w a compost bin  (if you don't have one).
    Planet them.  Kids can watch them grow!
  • Bring them to a farm that has animals that eat them. Did you know cows & cattle love pumpkins? Do call or ask first if they accept them. 
  • Plant Them. Cut each top off, so that the pumpkin looks like a plant potFill it with dirt. Then watch the seeds grow into new pumpkin seedlings!
  • Recycle them! Every town is different so double check the rules.
  • Smash them! Bring them to a pumpkin smashing in your town
NOTE: Don't leave them to degrade outside if you don't want mice, moles, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits or woodchucks coming to your yard. They love them!

Thanks for being a Planetpal!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Poem For Zero Waste Week

A Poem For Earth

© Judith Gorgone

Since it's Zero Waste Week, Planetpals wants to remind you how easy it is to care for the planet.  You see, we all just need to do our part and be a Planetpal at heart.

So, here is our little poem...sing it like a song...hum it every day!

A better world
is in your hands
Just reduce the stress
upon our lands
Help keep it clean
be and eco friend
Think before you do
from beginning to end!

We have many suggestions on how you can be a Planetpal in Everyway, Everyday!
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Monday, August 15, 2016

Be a Zero Hero...Do Your Part For Zero Waste Week

National Zero Waste Week September 5-9, 2016

 Be a Zero Hero...Do Your Part For Zero Waste Week September

National Zero Waste Week takes place week beginning 5th September 2016. Zero Waste Week is the annual awareness campaign for reducing landfill. Helping you save money and preserve resources since 2008.
Join Planetpals and become a Zero Hero and do your part!   According to this year’s theme is ‘One More Thing‘ which reminds us that the collective impact of taking baby steps can add up to significant change.

 Be a Zero Hero...Do Your Part For Zero Waste Week September

You can learn a lot about zero waste on and For 15 years Planetpals has offered proactive solutions to the environment for the whole family, through ideas, tips, activities, education and downloads.  We say practice the "r's" and particularly the 5th "R" Refuse.
Visit our Recycle Center and learn more! 

© jag all rights reserved. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

You're Going To Love These Eco Friendly Valentine Wreath Ideas!

Planetpals Loves Valentines Day And Loves Making It Greener

Valentines craft wreaths that are Green.  Recycle and upcycle diy wreath ideas you will love!

What better way to decorate for Valentines Day than with a big green wreath!  Repurpose surplus craft materials and other unused items you may already have.  It's that simple!  Just use your imagination and some familiar objects and you can make a wreath everyone will LOVE!

A great way to recycle ribbon scraps.The girl
Natural twig wreath with little hearts from
Paper hearts make a clever wreath.  Use old greeting cards, wrap, scrapbooking paper scraps. from
Playing card wreath - perfect reuse for an old deck of cards from
Wreath from repurpose wine corks from
Fabric or t shirt scraps sew simple! From
Vintage ads, music sheets, photocopies in black and white.  From
Christmas balls.  You must have some surplus!  from Dime Store
Vinatge cards and images, music sheets, flowers and fabric.  Romantic. From
Great idea to resuse or cherish keepsake valentine cards. from
Button or beads recycle.  A Jewel of an idea.from
Valentine pin ups! Put it on your door, wall or frame it in a board. Use it as a valentine cards holder. From