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Monday, April 16, 2018

Treasured Memories Make A Gift of Past, Present, Future

Make A Memory Box or Memory Card: A Great Recycle Craft That Turns Yesterdays Memories Into a Fabulous Gift That Lives on Forever

Make a Memory Box for a gift or memorial-preserve memories!
Make a Memorial Box Preserve Memories Forver
The Memory Box
If your wondering what special thing you can do for someone you love this Christmas that can be meaningful and fun to make, try a memory box or card.
Whether it be a sister, parent or best friend, a memory gift will be a keeper.
Make a Memory Box for a gift or memorial-preserve memories!
Find special momentos for your memorial box
Memory Box Directions:
.      Use a store bought or recycled box in any shape.  Here we bought a heart shaped box since this was an anniversary gift for Mom and Dad.
.      Cover it in paint or cloth or both.  *This one has a painted bottom and cloth covered top.  
.      We added 3 knobs to the bottom for feet
.      Adorn it with momentos and ornamentation. *This one has antique ribbons and trim.  Old buttons from Mom's favorite dress, her old hanky found in a purse, Dad's dog tags and firemans badge, a key from their first house and other tokens found in their drawers along with photos we photocopied.  

Ideas and Other Options 

.      Why not add old greeting cards, ornaments from service uniforms, wedding invitations, and jewelry parts
.      For a child's box you can use certificates, name beads, small toys or prize ribbons, a coin for the year they were born
.      For a friend use momentos from trips together, tickets from nights out and fill with photos of good times. 

You can leave the box empty for the recipient to fill, put in a gift certificate for them to make a new memory or  fill it with old photos. 

Make a Memory Card for a gift or memorial-preserve memories!
Add loving touches and special moments to the memory card
The Memory Card
If a memory box is overwhelming make a simple memory card ! Or make both and give them together.
The Memory Card and Frame Directions: 
.      As the base get some nice paper at the craft or art store.  Here we used a parchment for an old world feel.
.      As an alternate make your own paper from recycled papers.  Use one of the paper making recipes found on
.      Adorn it much the same as the box.  using buttons, beads, ribbons, doilies, photos, cards, recipes, whatever conveys your message.  This one was for a fiftieth wedding anniversary.  We used photocopies of old valentines, old photos, yarn and more.
.      Ideas and Other Options
      Use ideas listed under memory box for a tailor made card
      You can frame it for an added touch
      Insert a ticket to a special event 
      Give it with a memory box

Make a Memory Frame for a gift or memorial-preserve memories!
Frame a special memory card.
Make memories that will hold someone in your heart forever.
For more ideas for memorial celebrations , gifts, moments and sayings check out our memorial pinterest page